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10 Best Plants for Your Office Desk in South Africa

10 Best Plants for Your Office Desk in South Africa
April 9, 2018 gnuworld

There’s no better way to brighten up your work space than with a creatively displayed pot plant. Indoor plants look good and studies have shown that in offices, they help reduce stress, create a more positive mood and even enhance cognitive skills. Green is good!


Plants and plant-inspired décor at some of our branches: calming and stylish.

Using advice from some local nurseries, we’ve compiled a list of ideal plants for your office desk, given South African conditions and the availability of plants.

African Violets


Source: Plantinfo

African violets come in a wide range of species, varieties and colours, and are capable of blooming all year round.

They’re hardy, require limited care and do well under bright lights. The leaves are velvety to the touch. For an even spread, remember to rotate the plant so that all sides get an even amount of light.

Air plants

plant in glass jar

Source: Bloom Couture

Air plants are extraordinary in that they grow and flourish out of the ground. They’re durable, require negligible care and can be arranged in all sorts of creative ways. They thrive in bright filtered light and some produce delicate little pups that can last several weeks.


desk plant

Source: Amazon

Succulents come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes and are best displayed massed together in a pot or container. They need very little care, are water wise and flourish in full light. Occasionally, one or two of the plants will surprise you with a spectacular floral show.


Amaryllis is a spectacular indoor plant, with large flamboyant trumpet-shaped flowers in deep reds, crisp lemons, delicate pinks or almost translucent whites.

A single spike can produce up to five flowers and provided the plant gets the requisite care, it flowers annually and lasts for years. Amaryllis will flourish on a light, airy area of your desk that’s out of direct sunlight.



Source: Bunches

Begonias grow well indoors because they’re shade plants. They produce gorgeous flowers all year round and feature an array of geometric foliage patterns and colours.

They don’t like being overwatered but thrive in humid conditions. If your office is air conditioned, it’s a good idea to fill a small tray with pebbles and water and place it next to the plant. This will keep the surrounding air from getting too dry.


Bromeliads are low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants that thrive in indoor conditions. They like a well ventilated and well-lit space out of direct sunlight. As with begonias, bromeliads do really well in high humidity areas. They need to be spray misted regularly and, if given the right TLC, can produce magnificent blooms that last several months.


Cyclamens are available in a wide range of colourful hybrids, with green or variegated leaves. They’re winter bloomers and their flowers, in pinks, reds, maroons or white, last for up to eight weeks. Cyclamen don’t mind cooler conditions and are happiest in bright indirect light.

Prayer plants


Source: Gardenerdy

The prayer plant has wonderfully patterned leaves in shades of green, brown, red and cream. It loves a more humid environment and thrives in bright artificial light. Although the flowers are small and inconspicuous, the rich colours on the leaves deepen and become more vibrant as the plant ages.



Source: Connox

Orchids are beautiful, complex and exotic. They are also extraordinarily adaptable and do well in indoor conditions. Place an orchid on a sunny or well-lit area of your desk, and spray mist it regularly, and you’ll have a fragile showpiece that blooms twice a year for up to four months at a time.

Spider plants


Source: Lulu and Angel

Spider plants are attractive, unique and easy to grow. They’re available in green or variegated varieties and send out little spider-like leaves, or spinderettes, that can be individually potted and propagated. These hardy plants do best in slightly cooler temperatures and in bright indirect light.

Office space at The Workspace

At The Workspace, we’re not experts in plants or their care – but we do know the value of aesthetically pleasing dècor in office environments. Several of our branches incorporate plant-inspired themes because plants are intrinsically calming.


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