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10 Free Remote Work Tools That Proved Their Worth This Year

10 Free Remote Work Tools That Proved Their Worth This Year
May 18, 2020 gnuworld
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Zoom, the cloud-based video conferencing service, has seen an exponential increase of 10 million to more than 200 million users in just a few months.

Now, with the large majority of people working from home, additional remote work tools have come on stream.

Many of these tools, apps and services are also useful when you operate from an office but have a distributed team or employees working offsite.

Here are 10 free tools that can maximise efficiency in the fragmented work scenario.


Setmore is a cloud-based scheduling service that automates the appointment booking process.

Multiple users have access to a web- and app-based booking calendar where they can book, manage and analyse appointments with customers, employees and colleagues.

Text and email reminders, with personalised messages, are part of the package. You can integrate staff profiles, company information and service deals directly on the calendar.

Zoho Remotely

Zoho Remotely is a suite of 11 cloud-based business apps purpose-designed for the remote work space. They help you track the progress of projects, communicate with your team and provide remote assistance to clients.

An instant messaging platform, document management tool, video conferencing app, engagement and training tool and project management software are part of the comprehensive business suite, which is available free until 1 July 2020.


BaseCamp is a real-time communication tool that allows teams to create projects, document progress and keep track of actionable items.

The freemium plan is suitable for small work teams and individual projects. It includes calendars, message boards, to-do lists, file sharing and due dates.


Dropbox is a file-sharing service that enables the creation, storage and sharing of cloud content from Microsoft Office files, Dropbox Paper and Google Docs.

The basic plan provides free access to two gigabytes of storage. You can access files on connected devices, share and collaborate on files, plus back-up all your data, videos, photos and documents in-app.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a bouquet of online services that expedites remote team management.

There are group and private chat capabilities supported by audio, video and shared screens, plus a shared mailbox, calendar and notebook.

A SharePoint online site and document library enables team collaboration. A video conferencing feature supports up to 250 team members. Teams is currently free for Microsoft 365 subscribers.


Century is a smart teaching platform that uses artificial intelligence to customise lessons to individual students. It uses machine learning to determine how a particular child learns and modifies lessons accordingly.

The UK-based tech company is currently offering its maths, science and English teaching resources free to both schools and families.


Tandem is the self-proclaimed “virtual office for remote teams”. It integrates with various apps to help you finish work projects efficiently and on time.

Voice calls can easily be upgraded to video and screenshare to allow you to see what individual team members are working on and to collaborate in real-time, if and when required.

Tandem is the perfect visualisation tool for keeping track of performance. It’s free to use for the next few months.


Loom is a versatile screen and video recording service that’s currently free when used for educational purposes. It allows you to record your screen and share it quickly and easily with multiple users.

You can add links to direct users to additional resources and disseminate information in less time that it takes to type a text message or email.


Slack is an instant messaging platform that effectively replaces email as your primary work communications tool.

It enables file sharing, personalised notifications and one-on-one voice and video calls across team members and geographies.

The basic Slack package is free. It includes integration with up to 10 apps and unlimited access to 10,000 searchable messages.

HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings is an appointment and meeting scheduling app. It allows you to share your availability and get team members, clients and colleagues to schedule meetings with you online.

The scheduling link can be embedded on your website, distributed via email and integrated into documents. Meetings is one of the most reliable and effective tools for managing your time.

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