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11 Coworking Benefits for Remote Workers in South Africa

11 Coworking Benefits for Remote Workers in South Africa
May 18, 2022 gnuworld
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Remote working is booming as work-from-home and hybrid models are now common worldwide.

Remote working is so popular that governments are offering digital nomad visas to encourage remote workers to live and work in their countries.

A nomadic work life comes with its challenges. You need reliable internet and a productive workspace. This is why coworking spaces are so popular. They offer a range of benefits for remote workers and digital nomads.

1. Free internet

Most coworking spaces include high-speed internet in their packages. This saves remote workers from paying for internet access or using mobile data, which is very expensive in South Africa.

coworking for remote workers ballito

The Workspace Ballito

2. No load shedding

With the end of load shedding nowhere in sight, most professional coworking spaces have a generator or power back up to cover outages. No more wasted workdays waiting for the power to come back on. Head to your coworking space.

3. Inspiring surroundings

Coworking spaces are designed to be dynamic environments that encourage creative thinking. Digital nomads and remote workers perform better in these beautiful and inspiring workspaces.

coworking for remote workers blackheath

The Workspace Blackheath

4. Flexible coworking packages

Coworking lets remote workers change their work hours from month to month or even week to week. If you need more hours, simply book extra time. You can choose between flexible hot-desking and a dedicated desk.

coworking for remote workers melrose arch

The Workspace Melrose Arch

5. Collaboration and networking

Coworking spaces are ideal for networking and collaborating. Remote workers can make new connections and even source service providers to collaborate with.

6. Online bookings

Many coworking spaces now offer online booking systems. This allows remote workers to book space for a day, a week or a month. It offers more flexibility, because the space you need can change at any time.

coworking for remote workers morningside manor

The Workspace Morningside Manor

7. Access to multiple locations

Coworking packages usually include access to any branch of the same provider. This means you have access to a coworking space when you’re travelling around.

8. Flexible workspaces

Coworking spaces are designed to be flexible and fluid. They generally include different options when it comes to workstations. One day, you might prefer to work at a desk; the next, you’d rather work outdoors or in a comfy armchair.

coworking for remote workers pretoria

The Workspace Pretoria

9. Business amenities and services

Onsite business services are almost always included at a small additional cost, so there’s no need to hunt down the nearest print shop. Copying, printing, binding and laminating are a few of the business services offered. Some workspaces have onsite couriers.

10. Improved mental health

Working in isolation has its upsides but too much space can impact mental health. Having an alternative workspace with social interactions can boost your mental health. Sometimes, just being in the presence of others is enough to lift your mood.

coworking for remote workers robindale

The Workspace Robindale

11. Professional environment for clients

If your job requires meetings with clients, it helps to have a professional space with a receptionist to greet visitors and meeting rooms. Coworking spaces allow you to have a business address for online listings and to receive mail.

coworking for remote workers johannesburg CBD

The Workspace Johannesburg CBD

Coworking spaces at The Workspace offer these benefits and more, for remote or hybrid workers, as well as business owners, contractors and independent professionals. For more information or to book a tour of one of our branches, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact us online.

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