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12 Reasons Shared Office Space Is Ideal for Independent Professionals

12 Reasons Shared Office Space Is Ideal for Independent Professionals
June 8, 2018 gnuworld
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Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner, you need an appropriate space where you can conduct your business. Starting up an office from scratch is a costly exercise, and working from home can be problematic, especially if you have a team.

Shared office spaces come with all the conveniences of a full office but fewer of the downsides. Here are some of the main benefits of a shared office space for independent professionals.

Lower overheads

Overheads, such as electricity, are incorporated into your monthly fee. And because they are divided among multiple businesses and professionals, the cost is significantly lower than having your own office.

Access to resources

You usually have access to printers and copiers on site. Some shared offices even have a courier service available.

Full reception service

Professional reception makes a good impression on visiting clients or business partners – but especially for independent contractors and small businesses, hiring a receptionist may be a stretch, or at least low on your list of priorities. With shared office space at The Workspace, you’ll benefit from a full-time reception service, with friendly receptions to field calls and welcome your visitors.

Meeting and boardrooms

Most shared office spaces have rooms with plenty of room, whiteboards, overhead projectors and even conference calling facilities available for meetings with clients. Imagine setting all of those up yourself as you’re still busy starting up?

Easy to expand or downsize

With a shared office space, you pay per person rather than per square metre so it’s easy to adjust to a growing or shrinking team.

No setup costs

Everything in the office space is already set up when you sign your lease. No need to source office furniture, plants, kettles or even trash cans. It’s all the little things that add up when you first set up an office.

Existing IT infrastructure

Phone lines and high-speed internet are also already in place, so there’s no need to pay installations or setup fees for these services.

Flexible leases

Leases tend to be short-term or month-to-month, making it easier to plan ahead. If you have cash-flow issues, you can easily take a break from the office life and come back at a late date.

Networking opportunities

Having other professionals in the same area can lead to many networking opportunities, especially if you all get to know each other’s services.

Fewer disruptions

As an independent professional, working from home might sound like the ideal solution to cut costs but pets, children and household chores often turn into unavoidable distractions.

The difference between serviced offices and shared offices

Serviced offices are private offices that have most of the same benefits as shared office space. Shared offices space, also called coworking spaces, are open plan areas shared with other independent professionals.

Coworking or shared office spaces are the ideal starting point for small businesses because they aren’t as costly as serviced or private offices but have the same benefits.

Shared office space at The Workspace

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At The Workspace, we have beautifully appointed shared office spaces in a number of convenient locations. We pride ourselves on outstanding client relations and work with you to support the success of your small business.

Comfortable work areas, full reception service, unlimited tea and coffee, meeting rooms, high-speed internet and secure parking are just some of the benefits that make our shared office space ideal for independent professionals and small teams.

For more information or to book a tour of one of our branches, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact us online.

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