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12 of the World’s Most Impressive Office Buildings

12 of the World’s Most Impressive Office Buildings
March 17, 2017 gnuworld
bmw welt

With their iconic designs, cutting edge building techniques and the use of technology and multimedia, many modern office blocks push the limits of materials and space.

Here we showcase some of the most awe-inspiring office buildings in the world.

Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi

© image via Visit Abu Dhabi

Capital Gate is intentionally built to lean 18 degrees to the west. It uses what’s known as a pre-cambered core as a counter balance. Floor plates are staggered to deliver the signature aerial lean. To support its 35 storeys, which reach a height of 160 metres, Capital Gate is underpinned by foundations that are drilled up to 30 metres underground.

CCTV HQ Beijing


© image via Photography Life

The 237-metre CCTV Headquarters in Beijing consists of two towers that lean inwards at six degree angles. They are joined by a base building and a perpendicular 75-metre cantilever.

The construction is designed to withstand wind, seismic activity, and thermal expansion and contraction. The design is based on the concept of a skyscraper as a loop, and its construction is visible in a web of diagonals on the facade.

The Capital Mumbai


© image via WikiArquitectura

Dominated by a large oval shape in its centre, The Capital is an example of “Cybertecture”, a new school of architectural design. It combines artistic expression and functionality with sustainable construction.

The orb has a gigantic, built-in LED media communications screen, which projects company news. The building’s skin is made of high isolation transparent glass, and intelligent environmental technologies are integrated into the material.

Gas Natural HQ Barcelona

gas natural

© image via Abrasa

The headquarters of Gas Natural consist of a 20-storey glass tower, along with a series of fragmented buildings of different scale clad in a matching skin. The construction features a perpendicular reflective glass overhang. The buildings are merged to form a series of layers, and the entire facade is finished in silver and colourless solar glass panels.

Umicore Office Building Antwerp


© image via Pinterest

The office building of the Belgian metal refiner visibly reflects its trade. The street profile has been narrowed and shaped using a massive zinc-plated ribbon to create a sheltered ground floor lobby. The facade between the curved strips of metal is glazed to deliver optimal heat and light.

Hearst Tower Manhattan

The 46-storey Hearst Tower is linked on the outside by a layer of glazing to create the impression that the building is floating in the air. It is built in a triangular diagrid pattern. Its cut-back corners on the diagonals create a one-of-a-kind silhouette on the New York skyline.

Pearl River Tower Guangzhou

pearl river tower

© image via Som

The 309-metre Pearl River Tower is the world’s first zero energy skyscraper, designed to use wind and sun patterns. It features an internally ventilated double-skin facade, automated blinds and sculpted body architecture that directs winds at high speeds to twin turbine inlets.

Al Bahr Towers Abu Dhabi

The 145-metre Al Bahar Towers are partially clad in a responsive facade that’s programmed to react to the sun. It’s constructed as a separate screen, and comprises individual panels that change angles so as to reduce the effect of solar glare. At night, the panels fold away, revealing the more conventional glazed surface of the HQ of the Al Hilal Bank.

BMW Welt Munich

bmw welt

© image via BMW Blog

BMW’s futuristic multi-use exhibition centre is defined by a double cone and a roof that takes the form of a floating cloud. The entire facade is clad in transparent glass. Over 4 000 tons of steel was used in construction of this architectural wonder.

The Bow Calgary

the bow

© image via Calgary Buzz

The Bow towers 236 metres into the Calgary skyline, and is built to deflect prevailing winds. It features six-storey high sky gardens. Solar heat is captured and re-distributed, and large areas of glazing provide natural light.

Aldar HQ Abu Dhabi

aldar hq

© image via CPP Wind

With a futuristic spherical design consisting of two fully glazed circular facades, the award-winning Aldar Building is one of world’s most iconic structures. It’s constructed from recyclable materials, maximises natural light and has an automated subterranean vacuum waste collection system that compacts and recycles all the waste products generated in the building.

The Workspace

The Workspace collage

At The Workspace, our focus isn’t on futuristic architecture – but we are in the business of providing smart, modern solutions for today’s entrepreneurs and office workers.

At our branches nationwide, we provide affordable, fully serviced offices and coworking, with business infrastructure – such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities – already in place. Our branches also offer a range of on-site business services.