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16 Useful Online Resources for South African Entrepreneurs

16 Useful Online Resources for South African Entrepreneurs
March 25, 2022 gnuworld
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A number of online resources for South African entrepreneurs make it easier to start, manage and grow a business. Here we offer a round-up of resources (with links), ranging from essentials like the CIPC and SARS to funding opportunities and inspirational podcasts that could make it easier to run your business.

1. The Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission

The Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC) is responsible for registering all South African businesses. This is where you go to register a company.

To simplify the registration process, private and non-profit companies with standard memorandum of incorporation can register directly through the CIPC website.

Alternatively, a number of service providers offer handling of CIPC company registrations.

2. South African Revenue Service

For the best, most reliable information about all tax-related issues, go directly to SARS. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) website provides information, forms and advice for SMEs.

This includes information on how to register for turnover tax, VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL and income tax. It also includes information on eFiling.

3. Tax calendar

It’s essential to keep track of when your taxes are due if you run your own small business or are self-employed. Proper filing of your returns is a legal requirement and late submissions can lead to fines.

We’ve compiled a useful tax calendar to help you keep track of important submissions dates.

4. SA SME Fund

If you need capital to get a business up and running or to expand your existing operations, you can apply for funding from the SA SME Fund.

This R1.5-billion fund was set up by a group of CEOs, including representatives of nearly three-quarters of the JSE’s top-40 companies. It was created specifically to provide high-potential entrepreneurs and SMEs with funding.


The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (sefa) offers a wide range of loans to South African SMEs. It also manages the Amavulandlela Funding Scheme, which offers funding to entrepreneurs with disabilities.

6. Finfind

Finfind was set up in 2015 by the Department of Small Business Development to help micro, small and medium businesses find funding.

Finfind doesn’t provide loans. It’s an online platform that matches the seekers of business finance with appropriate funders from a database of more than 600 SMME finance offerings from the public and private sector in South Africa.

7. Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding is increasingly seen by small businesses as an alternative to traditional lenders, such as banks and government funding, for raising business capital.

This list of the top crowdfunding platforms from SME South Africa highlights the benefits of six top platforms.


Vertex42 provides useful free, high-quality templates. These include spreadsheet, timesheet, budget, invoice and payroll templates.

You can also make use of their calculators and calendars.

Templates are available for Microsoft Office, Open Office and Google Sheets.

9. Business Days Calculator

Business Days Calculator is a useful, no-frills tool for identifying working days and public holidays in South Africa. You can check business days in the current year or a previous year you choose.

It also lets you calculate the number of working days ­– even the number of work hours – between the dates you set. This is useful if you’re doing nitty-gritty planning to meet a deadline.

10. SME South Africa

SME South Africa is an online news portal, business resource and information platform that provides strategic business content to help entrepreneurs and small business owners unlock their growth potential.

The platform carries articles, price comparisons and tech and financing reviews that enable businesses to make informed and smart buying decisions.

11. HubSpot Academy

This is a leading online training portal that’s free. It offers dozens of quick, practical courses and more in-depth training (and certificates) for inbound marketing, sales and customer service professionals looking to grow their careers and their businesses.

12. Starting Your Own Small Business?

If you’re business is just an idea at the moment, you may want to download the Western Cape Government’s Starting Your Own Small Business? guide.

It’s a succinct, easy-to-read guide to entrepreneurship, the realities of running a business, preparing a business plan, and how to finance, start and set up a business.

13. How We Made It In Africa

Find inspiration from successful African entrepreneurs in this Cape Town-based online business publication, How We Made It In Africa. It showcases African business growth stories, as top businesspeople reveal how they built their companies.

It also explores potential business opportunities, trends, and how innovation and changing consumption patterns are impacting businesses in Africa.

14. Lionesses of Africa

Join the community of Lionesses of Africa, a social enterprise initiative that works to advance the continent’s women entrepreneurs through development programmes, mentoring, business tools, digital media channels, community platforms, networking events and information services.

By supporting women to achieve their start-up dreams, Lionesses of Africa “empowers entrepreneurs to generate economic prosperity, improve their communities and become the game-changers Africa needs to solve pressing socio-economic problems”.

15. The Lebo Lion Podcast

Listen into one of the biggest marketing podcasts targeting entrepreneurs in Africa to hear about so much more than marketing. Recent podcasts have been entitled, “What’s the Fuss with TikTok & Should You Be on TikTok?” and “Facebook Ads: Lessons from a man who spent $100 Million on Facebook Ads”.

16. The Workspace

At The Workspace, we offer affordable, fully serviced offices and coworking for entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses. All our clients have access to meeting rooms, boardrooms and a range of business services.

We also offer our own online resources for South African entrepreneurs, including useful articles about everything from starting a business in South Africa to getting funding, marketing, money management and more:

The Workspace now offers online booking of office and coworking space by the day or work week. For more information, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact a branch near you.

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