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6 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Effective

6 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Effective
September 22, 2022 gnuworld
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With proper planning and execution, virtual meetings can be as engaging and productive as in-person meetings.

Here are six ways to make virtual meetings more effective.

1 | Prepare well in advance

Send invitations, the agenda and recommended reading material to participants well ahead of the meeting.

It gives team members time to digest information, determine the meeting’s core purpose and be adequately equipped to contribute to the discussion.

Check that everyone has confirmed his or her attendance. That way, it’s easier to reschedule the meeting if necessary.

Follow up with an alert or notification at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start.

2 | Allow time for “settling in”

Set aside a few minutes to allow people to settle in and engage informally.

Ask each participant to introduce his or herself and share a few interesting facts about their background, achievements and work history.

If the team has worked together before, encourage casual conversation before getting down to business.

By creating a relaxed environment, you make it more likely that participants will collaborate and join in the discussion.

3 | Establish the ground rules

Before opening the meeting, set a few ground rules and ask everyone to comply. Rules can include the mandatory use of camera, video or the mute feature when not speaking.

Be clear about how you want participants to get involved – by raising a hand, commenting on group chat, or speaking at an allotted time.

Establishing a disciplined engagement, where everyone knows what’s expected of them, is the most efficient way to drive discussion and achieve a clear objective or consensus.

4 | Host the meeting from a professional meeting room or boardroom

If you need to make a positive impression on clients or business partners, it’s a good idea to host a virtual meeting from a properly equipped meeting room or boardroom.

This sets the right tone. It presents a professional image and ensures there are no unwanted distractions during the meeting.

In Gauteng, The Workspace offers well-appointed meeting rooms for rent on an hourly, half-daily or daily basis. These meeting rooms vary in size, accommodating from four to 16 people.

Along with professional furnishing and décor, you’ll have access to high-speed Wi-Fi.

Also, backup generators ensure that load shedding won’t put an abrupt end to your side of the meeting.

5 | Keep it short and structured

The optimal length of a virtual meeting is 30 to 35 minutes. Any longer and fatigue may set in. Participants lose concentration.

Start the meeting with a clear objective and orchestrate the discussion around the central topics on the agenda.

Once the action points have been determined, deadlines agreed to and tasks distributed, wrap up the meeting immediately.

6 | Rope in a lead or moderator

When hosting large groups of clients, colleagues or employees remotely, it’s a good idea to appoint a lead or moderator.

The moderator can present the agenda, request input from attendees, hold Q&A sessions and diplomatically ensure that participants stick to the meeting’s structure and time frame.

Having more than one host can make the meeting more interesting and engaging – and distribute time spent in front of the camera.

At The Workspace, we offer affordable serviced offices, coworking space and meeting rooms, which are ideal for hosting both virtual and in-person meetings. Book online or contact us for more information.

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