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7 of the World’s Most Gorgeous Coworking Spaces

7 of the World’s Most Gorgeous Coworking Spaces
August 14, 2017 gnuworld

The way we approach work is evolving – and nowhere is that change more apparent than in our office spaces. The days of individual offices, partitioned spaces and grim fluorescent lighting are receding. Today, companies are more likely to favour attractive, open spaces with natural light and fresh air.

Even more apparent, the modern workforce is gradually leaving traditional office spaces behind. More and more people are working from home or alternative work spaces.

In keeping with this trend, coworking spaces are becoming incredibly popular – and exotic or unusual coworking spaces have been popping up worldwide. We take a look at some of the most gorgeous ones.

The Commons, Melbourne

the commons melbourne coworking space

Source: The Commons

This award-winning office space combines work with play in a beautiful, modern juxtaposition. The space boasts an open-air garden, yoga studio, arcade machines and a ping pong table alongside the usual private offices, meeting room and shared workspace.

Huckletree, London

huckletree london coworking space

Source: Huckletree

Huckletree has an arty interior but markets itself as a melting pot for startups, whether they are in creative, tech or financial industries. The focus is also on a healthy working environment, with a bike ramp and indoor bicycle storage, standing desks, yoga and meditation and a squash court.

La Verriere, Nice

la verriere nice france coworking space

Source: La Verriere

With a huge Art Deco stained glass ceiling and set in a former hotel ballroom, the La Verriere is nothing if not stately. Aimed at entrepreneurs, the space offers ergonomic chairs, relaxation areas, meditation classes and even a grand piano.

Mindspace, Hamburg

mindspace hamburg coworking space

Source: Mindspace

This shared office space is comfortable and relaxed, with books, leather armchairs and beautiful rugs in abundance. Flooded with natural light, the Mindspace also includes a soda fountain, a coffee bar and an event space.

Innov8, Chandigarh

innov8 chandigarh india coworking space

Source: Innov8

In the high-energy Indian city of Chandigarh, Innov8 stands out as a comfortable, quiet workspace for entrepreneurs and startups. The arty interior is the backdrop to a coworking area with both “hot” and dedicated desks, as well as a fully stocked library, a lounge area and 30-metre high vertical garden.

The Great Room, Singapore

the great room singapore coworking space

Source: The Great Room

The Great Room is part coworking space and part networking hub. It frequently hosts talks and presentations, with members often invited to attend for free. The space is grand, well-lit and beautifully appointed, and includes private phone booths. What’s more, The Great Room offers members free breakfast on Mondays!

Dojo, Bali

dojo bali coworking space

Source: Dojo

It doesn’t get much more exotic and beautiful than Bali. Dojo is a coworking community located in Canggu, right next to a world-famous surf spot. This open-air coworking space is centred around a pool area, which members are encouraged to use. It also boasts a café and a smoothie bar.

The Workspace, South Africa

In South Africa, The Workspace is leading the way, with gorgeously appointed but affordable coworking spaces with professional meeting rooms, high-speed internet and access to a range of business services.

Many of our coworking spaces feature on-site cafés and relaxation areas, and we regularly host interesting talks and networking events for our members.

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