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7 Reliable Ways to Win Clients’ Trust as a Small Business

7 Reliable Ways to Win Clients’ Trust as a Small Business
April 22, 2022 gnuworld
win clients trust as a small business

There are many ways to win a clients’ trust, but a good reputation is top of the list.

Large, well-established companies trade on their names. Clients trust them even before any interaction has taken place because they’re widely known.

For a startup or small business, it isn’t that simple. Follow these seven steps to help win clients’ trust and build your reputation.

1. Serve your clients’ interests

The number one way to wins clients’ trust is through excellent customer service. Interaction between your business and your clients is the most immediate way to show and prove trust and legitimacy.

Exceptional customer service demonstrates compassion, accountability and a commitment to customer interests.

It proves that you have clients’ interests in mind and that you’ll support them at all times, even when they have issues with your product or service.

2. Tell your unique story

The way you tell and share your business’s story – its beginnings, growth and expertise – helps potential and existing clients understand where you’re coming from.

This enables them to look beyond the products and services you offer to the culture of the company.

Clients want to be aligned with brands they identify with and that have shared values.

3. Share reviews through social media

Social media is the place to interact with society and build brand awareness. Ask for reviews and share written and video testimonials, ratings and awards.

We trust the reviews of customers over claims of a company.

Recommendations help build a healthy trust in your business and turn leads into sales.

If a potential client can’t find positive reviews about your business or product, the inference is that the reviews are negative. When did you last make a restaurant reservation without checking reviews?

4. Communicate and act on customer feedback

Key to winning and keeping clients’ trust is having customers on your side. One of the easiest ways to do this is by establishing a real connection with them through communication.

Always answer customer feedback. Respond immediately and proactively to comments on all social media platforms – especially negative feedback. Ignore it at your peril.

People talk and share news and opinions. Negative feedback quickly becomes negative publicity that damages your reputation.

When answering feedback, be honest, open and transparent. Take responsibility. Apologise when necessary, work on issues and report on measures being taken to resolve problems.

5. Educate through content

Use social media channels to educate existing and potential clients. Become a source of industry news, trends and data-driven content.

Clients and customers are always looking for solutions. Valuable, personalised content in blogs and how-to videos helps them acquire expertise and understanding in areas relating to your business.

Offer tailor-made lessons, experiences or a handy trick that builds understanding and trust in your knowledge and expertise.

6. Be reliably contactable

Existing and potential clients need to know you and your team are easily reachable. This starts with fast, professional answering of calls.

For a variety of reasons, this is one of the basics that start-ups often mess up.

It can be a large investment to hire someone full-time to answer calls. Small business owners may be away from their desks and miss important calls. Home-based small businesses experience unprofessional background noises and distractions.

A virtual office is one affordable solution.

A virtual office provides your business with a commercial address and set of business services. It makes it possible to work remotely, while presenting your business to clients from well-established, professionally staffed business premises.

At The Workspace, virtual office space provides many of the benefits of traditional office space at a fraction of the cost. You pay a monthly fee for:

  • use of a business address
  • a dedicated phone number
  • professional handling of calls, answered using your company’s name
  • messages passed onto you via email.

Always provide as many avenues for connection as possible: phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles and live-chat functionality. Ensure they’re monitored regularly.

7. Use a professional meeting space

Coffee shops can work occasionally as meeting venues for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, it’s hard to do business and build relationships with noise and numerous distractions present.

Certain business transactions, like presentations and contract signing, must take place in a professional meeting space.

At branches of The Workspace, you can rent meeting rooms and fully equipped boardrooms by the hour, half day or full day. Our meeting rooms are ideal environments for meeting clients or hosting small team meetings.

Members of The Workspace get 10 hours free boardroom use per month, subject to pre-booking.

Meeting rooms and boardrooms are also available for hire to non-members at fixed rates.

Win clients’ trust at The Workspace

At The Workspace, we offer a professional work environment that can help small businesses win clients’ trust. We offer:

  • professional fully serviced offices and coworking
  • meeting rooms and boardrooms
  • a range of business services, including virtual offices.

For more information or to book a tour of one of our branches, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact us online.

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