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7 Ways Coworking Can Help South African Businesses Attract and Retain Talent

7 Ways Coworking Can Help South African Businesses Attract and Retain Talent
May 12, 2021 gnuworld
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Corporations from Apple to Google use coworking space. It offers flexible workspace for existing teams and is a way to find and recruit innovative entrepreneurs.

In South Africa, companies have been slower to recognise the opportunities, but coworking can help businesses attract and retain talent.

Here are seven reasons why commercial enterprises, big and small, are transitioning to the shared workplace.

1. Enables an ‘in-house’ recruitment process

Coworking spaces are talent incubators. They support and nurture freelancers and entrepreneurs with diverse skill sets.

Rather than relying on ads and employment agencies to source suitable employees, businesses need look no further than the people who work within the space.

2. Creates an inclusive workplace

The shared workplace forces people out of social and organisational silos into an inclusive and vibrant working environment.

It’s a hub of diversity where people share information, learn from each other, and communicate and innovate.

People feel they belong, are comfortable with the office ecosystem, and are more likely to stay employed.

3. Promotes flexibility in work

Coworking offers flexibility, which is key to acquiring and retaining talent. Today, workers want the autonomy to decide when to work, how to work and where to work.

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4. Supports a better work-life balance

Achieving the ideal work-life balance is a top priority for today’s skilled job seekers. Coworking offers exactly that.

Along with fully equipped work spaces, there are areas to relax, socialise, exercise and unwind in cafeterias, outdoor leisure areas, snug rooms and lounges.

An environment that actively promotes a healthy mix of work and relaxation creates a happier, more fulfilled and committed workforce.

5. Boosts productivity and efficiencies

For talented individuals, the desire to work remotely is high on the list of job-related must-haves. However, working from home can be full of distractions.

The coworking environment promotes an atmosphere of diligence and industry, one that inspires people to work harder and more efficiently.

6. Drives accessibility

An easily accessible workplace, located in a busy upmarket area, is central to skills retention. A long commute is one of the main reasons people who are otherwise satisfied with their existing company look for another job.

Commuting to work is increasingly unpopular. Long commutes waste time, money and employees’ work and leisure time.

The best flexible work spaces are conveniently located close to major transport nodes – highways, taxi ranks, bus stops and railway stations. They’re within walking distance of a range of amenities, such as shopping malls, gyms, restaurants and parks.

7. Encourages the exchange of ideas

Ambitious people achieve their goals by consistently learning new talents and skills. These are the kind of workers employers’ want.

Coworking promotes collaboration, networking and the exchange of ideas. It encourages people to learn from each other and work together. Events, seminars and discussion groups evolve organically in the shared workplace.

In the coworking office environment, business owners in South Africa can leverage an increasing knowledge pool and retain talent.

The Workspace

Coworking can help your South African businesses attract and retain talent. At The Workspace, we offer affordable, fully serviced offices and coworking, and all our members have access to meeting rooms, boardrooms and a range of business services.

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