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8 Financial Benefits of Managed Workspace for Businesses

8 Financial Benefits of Managed Workspace for Businesses
September 13, 2021 gnuworld
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Over the past decade, businesses of all sizes have recognised the financial benefits of managed workspace.

Now, the hybrid workplace model is emerging as a logical way forward. Especially for medium to large enterprises, this is adding to the value of managed workspace – which is emerging as a key component.

What is a managed workspace?

A managed workspace is a fully outsourced business environment.

It’s a fully equipped and functional office or coworking space, often with supporting business services. It has shared facilities and break-out zones.

Everything – from the décor and layout to office management and maintenance – is handled by a third party.

Balance sheet benefits of managed workspace

Here’s a roundup of how managed workspaces can benefit the balance sheets of companies operating in South Africa.

1. Rapid deployment of workspace

Pre-existing and fully functional workspace solutions enable instant office set-ups. Layouts are adaptable and can easily be re-aligned to individual business requirements.

There’s no disruption to business operations nor income streams because work teams, at one or more locations, are in place almost immediately.

2. Predictable business expenses

Corporate members are charged an all-inclusive rate for the use of serviced and managed workspace, plus a range of support services including fibre and Wi-Fi internet connectivity, reception services, business services, secure parking and so on.

Monthly expenses for the basic operation of the business are established on signature of the lease. They are set for the full rental term.

3. Reduced overheads

Inclusive or on-demand “pay-as-you-go” access to shared business services and facilities caps business overheads and increases profitability.

The supplier has increased buying power, which keeps costs at levels inaccessible to individual business owners.

4. Limited liability

An affordable, fixed monthly rate for the managed workspace is the only liability businesses have in respect of real estate.

All other costs, including security, building insurance, maintenance, cleaning services and office refurbishments, are covered by the supplier.

5. Optimised agility and adaptability

Businesses can adapt the workspace footprint up, or down, as operations demand. Spatial flexibility cuts wasteful expenditure, while maximising output.

By having the freedom to up- or down-grade to more suitable turnkey work environments located within the same premises, enterprises can use available workspace more efficiently.

6. Greater spatial efficiency

Managed workspaces are designed to provide comfortable, collaborative and comparatively high-density office environments based on the most efficient use of space.

Access to common facilities, such as meeting and boardrooms, kitchens, outdoor recreational areas and chill-out zones, ensures businesses are not saddled with under-utilised areas that typically attract high rental rates.

7. Accelerated speed to market

Outsourcing office requirements to third-party suppliers specialising in the workspace niche allows businesses to focus on core business competencies. The result is enhanced speed to market and improved capital inflows.

8. Access to market-specific networking and support

Managed offices with shared amenities and located within a larger business-oriented environment promote networking and collaboration between professionals working in complementary markets.

The managed workspace is an ideal meeting place for creative business minds.

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