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8 Ways Corporate Coworking Could Benefit Your Company

8 Ways Corporate Coworking Could Benefit Your Company
July 16, 2019 gnuworld
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Increasingly, mid-sized to large companies are realising the benefits of corporate coworking for their employees.

Already, corporations like Microsoft, IBM, Starbucks, Facebook and Spotify are using coworking spaces to their advantage. Mid-sized to large South African companies are also catching on.

We review some of the ways corporate coworking could benefit your business.

Reduced setup and operating costs

Coworking spaces come with business infrastructure and reception services already in place. This eliminates many of the setup costs associated with traditional office space.

There’s also no need for those using corporate coworking to invest in office décor and furniture, wiring, network connections or office equipment such as printers.

Corporate coworking for businesses can also dramatically reduce operating costs.

For example, coworking facilities may include high-speed internet in their packages. They may also include benefits like cleaning services, security, use of equipped kitchens and free tea and coffee for staff.

These extras can add up to significant savings for both global and South African businesses.

Ease of expansion

With coworking, companies can expand into new suburbs and even provinces without having to invest in opening branch offices.

Some corporate coworking providers in South Africa even offer their members country-wide access to established coworking facilities within the same coworking chain.

This means companies can simply request additional space from the coworking provider to accommodate new employees or set up new branches.

Entrepreneurial environment

One of the main motivators for global businesses using corporate coworking is the access this provides to innovative ideas.

Coworking spaces are used and shared by many different types of businesses and people, including entrepreneurs and startups.

This can expose employees of larger companies to new ideas, a creative spirit and entrepreneurial thinking.

Business-to-business sales

With coworking, multiple businesses operate from the same building. This creates opportunities for mutually beneficial business relationships.

You can draw on the services of a wide range of businesses and professionals, without having to leave work. And you can offer your services or products to other companies in need of what you offer.

Better working environment

Coworking spaces are generally modern, stylish and professionally appointed.

Most also include pause and relaxation areas, where people can meet informally, bounce ideas around or simply relax. Some coworking sites even feature gardens, on-site cafés or rooftop braai areas.

With coworking, employees may be permitted to work closer to where they live – cutting down on commuting time and costs.

Also, coworking spaces are simply associated with happier workers.

These factors make for happier employees, which in turn can lead to better staff retention and higher productivity.

Startup acquisition

Corporations have started turning to coworking spaces to investigate possible acquisitions of companies, as well as of innovative ideas or products.

Because coworking is ideal for entrepreneurs and startups, it attracts creative new businesses.

Opportunities to learn about small business practices

If small businesses are your target market, being positioned in a coworking space is ideal.

Not only are there opportunities to market to the small businesses you share the space with, but you can also learn a lot about how they operate. This may inform and strengthen your marketing strategies on a wider scale.

Wider recruitment options

Recruitment doesn’t have to be limited to areas within a reasonable travelling distance of your main office.

Potential employees in other regions can be considered if they have access to one of the other coworking branches.

This way you can hire the best person for the job and gain a presence in another region while still maintaining a professional work environment for all employees.

Corporate coworking with The Workspace

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We cater for a wide range of businesses, from startups to large companies.

All our members have access to high-speed internet, a range of business services (including full reception), meeting rooms and boardrooms, fully equipped kitchens, comfortably furnished relaxation areas and more.

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