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Best Places to Work During Loadshedding in Johannesburg

Best Places to Work During Loadshedding in Johannesburg
July 21, 2021 gnuworld
best places to work during loadshedding in johannesburg

The best places to work during loadshedding in Johannesburg have more than just backup power. They provide comfort and convenience, as well as a way to keep the lights (and laptops) on.

We offer a round-up of what to consider, along with details of what our managed workspaces in and around Jo’burg provide.

Loadshedding predictions: what’s coming next?

Predictions for the future of loadshedding aren’t encouraging. Eskom itself has admitted that loadshedding is not going away in a hurry. We can expect blackouts well into 2022.

Some predictions claim that we’ll be dealing with blackouts in South Africa for the next five years at least.

8 factors to consider: choosing where to work during loadshedding

Backup power is just one of the factors to consider. Here’s what else to consider when choosing the best spot for a work session.

1. Plenty of power points

Power is obviously what you’re looking for but also make sure there are plenty of outlets. You don’t want to have to battle to keep your laptop plugged in or feel like you’re hogging a plug point.

2. Internet access

The space you choose will need to have fast and reliable internet access, preferably Wi-Fi. It’s no use having power if you’re hindered by slow internet.

3. Comfort

Make sure the space is comfortable for long hours of work. The space should have comfortable seating, good lighting (without glare) and, depending on the time of year, air-conditioning.

4. Available (and welcoming) for as long as you need

You need to feel like you can stay as long as you like. It can be awkward to stay in a coffee shop beyond your second or third cup! In some cases, staff may even ask that you leave eventually.

5. Quiet and privacy

Quiet and privacy are vital for getting work done. It’s these elements that are likely missing from your local fast-food outlet or coffee shop. Even a local library can get surprisingly noisy, especially if there’s a popular children’s section.

6. Access to refreshments

The best places to work during power outages in Johannesburg offer easy access to hot coffee and tea, and possibly other refreshments. Easy access to places to get lunch is also a bonus.

7. A spot to take breaks

Power outages can be lengthy, especially if they’re due to unexpected system faults or cable theft. If you’ll likely be working somewhere for many hours, check if there’s a spot where you can take a breather. A comfortable lounge or garden can give you needed breaks, mentally and physically.

8. Secure parking

You won’t get your best work done if you’re stressing about your car getting broken into or towed.  Given the way things are in Johannesburg, suitable parking is also important for personal safety. Make sure the space you choose has secure parking nearby.

Choosing The Workspace for during loadshedding

At The Workspace, our members are never without power. All our branches have generators.

Everyone who works in our facilities enjoys high-speed fibre internet; a professional reception service; onsite printing, copying and courier services; kitchen facilities (with tea and coffee); relaxing lounge areas; secure parking; and more.

You can choose to access our coworking spaces with a one-day package – or opt for a flexible coworking package that gives you a certain number of hours per month.

Alternatively, opt for a private, fully furnished and serviced office. Most of our branches offer agreements from three to 12 months.

The Workspace branches in and around Jo’burg

The Workspace has five branches in convenient locations around Johannesburg.

They offer backup power, along with all the amenities needed for a comfortable, productive work environment. So for the best places to work during loadshedding in Johannesburg, we recommend our branches in:

We also have branches in Randburg, Pretoria and Durban. For more information, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact your nearest branch.

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