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Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Online Businesses

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Online Businesses
November 11, 2019 gnuworld
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Black Friday is boom time for South African businesses. Last year, the biggest retail event of the year netted R2,9 billion in sales; 15 percent up on the previous year.

Also in 2018, the country’s most prominent online retail store, takealot.com, snapped up R11,5 million in Black Friday sales in just its first hour of operation!

If you want a slice of Black Friday revenue in 2019, your online marketing strategy has to do more than catch the eye – it has to compel customers to browse and buy. We offer Black Friday marketing tips that may help your online business get the exposure (and sales) it needs.

Hook customers’ interest with catchy emailers

Email marketing is still the most effective way of communicating with customers. In the USA, for instance, more than a quarter of all Black Friday sales can be traced back to email.

The trick is to schedule your campaign for during peak usage times. Also, send out regular mails at least two weeks prior to the sale, and on the day itself.

A great way to increase your conversion rate on Black Friday is to generate messages highlighting a defined discount percentage in the subject line. An example could be “Get 40% off All These Sales Items Now”.

Provide previews of sales items for VIPs

It is always a good marketing strategy to pay special attention to your existing clients. Why not give them a preview of the most popular sales products at your online store?

It will make your customers feel special, and more inclined to support your business. You can level-up the VIP treatment by giving them first dibs on the previewed products for an hour or so on the day.

Shore up on social media

Follow up your email campaign with an active social media marketing strategy. You can even post content and images of a few of the sales products, and ask clients to comment on the discounts they would like to see on Black Friday.

Create a hype around the flash sale with regular articles, blogs and posts; encourage users to share the content with their friends, and always end each post with a call to action.

As it gets closer to Black Friday, think about setting up a referral program. By offering a voucher or coupon code as an incentive, you are more likely to get a positive response.

Create a sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency around the sale. You can do this by offering items at double discount rates for one hour only, and countdown that hour onsite.

Another way to drive online purchases is to remind clients there are only a limited number of items in stock, and to update the sales statistics frequently.

These days, there are all sorts of apps, widgets and plugins you can add to your website, or mobile app, to generate a sense of ‘buy now or miss out’.

Incentivise spending

Reward customers for buying your products on Black Friday. Give them a gift voucher or a chance to win a prize when they spend a certain amount of money in one online transaction.

You can even slash a further five or ten percent off the total purchase price, provided you are still making a decent profit. Customers want to feel they are getting a good deal, and they don’t mind spending money in pursuit of that goal.

Develop a charitable hook

Form a partnership with a local charity, and donate a percentage of all Black Friday sales to that charity. People like to know they are contributing to a good cause.

Publicise the charity connection on social media, in your emailers and blogs and on your website. This may encourage otherwise ambivalent consumers to shop via your site, rather than anywhere else.

Business networking is a great way to get the word out, about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and everything else.

What we offer at The Workspace

We don’t handle promotions or specialise in Black Friday marketing for online businesses.

However, we do help a lot of small businesses, including online businesses, thrive in South Africa. We do this by offering affordable alternatives to traditional office space, along with regular networking events, access to meeting rooms and boardrooms and a range of business services.

We’re also offering a 2019 Black Friday special! Watch for details closer to the time.

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