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Building Community: Dinner Events at our Morningside and Pretoria Branches

Building Community: Dinner Events at our Morningside and Pretoria Branches
March 19, 2018 gnuworld

This week, The Workspace, in partnership with The Park Exchange, hosted two community dinners, one at the Morningside branch and the other at the Pretoria branch at The Club. It was our coworkers’ first Park Exchange experience.

community dinner the workspace

There are many ways to describe The Park Exchange. It’s a dialogue platform, a culinary experience, a place to meet and mingle with different kinds of people, a safe space and more. However, one needs to attend an Exchange to truly experience all these elements.

Good food and meaningful conversation

On each night, the intrigued guests arrived one by one and were asked to write a conversational topic of their choice on a card and put it in a jar.

community dinner activities

Once everyone settled at the long, decorated table with their chosen beverage, the night began.

The hostess of the evening, Puno, elaborated on the concept of a community dinner and began to weave a conversation with all the guests. A three-course meal was served and, between mouthfuls, opinions and views were shared on the chosen topics for the evening.

community dinner table
community dinner menu

Topics ranged from the personal to the political, and once the ice was broken, the conversation flowed.

community dinner group shot
community dinner full table

The Workspace is thrilled to engage in this form of community building and trusts that everyone who attended enjoyed the events.

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