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Calling for Festive Season Donations at The Workspace

Calling for Festive Season Donations at The Workspace
October 15, 2018 gnuworld
festive season donations

Let’s make this festive season brighter for those who need some joy in their lives!

The Workspace, together with Kindness like Confetti, is calling on all our members and staff, as well as friends, family and the public, to donate gift boxes for distributing to people and animals in need.

Just drop off finished boxes or individual items with your branch manager, at any branch of The Workspace, by 28 November. See below for details of what you can donate to help.

What to donate

We’re collecting gift boxes and individual items in four categories. Please clearly label each box or item with the category of recipient it’s for and, unless you’d like to remain anonymous, your name.

Gift boxes and items for the elderly

Among the elderly homes for which we’re collecting are Frederick Place in Coronationville, the Greek Old Age home in Orange Grove, Jordan House in Randburg and the Eeufees Old Age Home, in Westbury.

Each box we donate should contain at least 8 to 10 of the following items:

  • soap and facecloth
  • body cream
  • biscuits
  • body wash
  • tissue packs
  • sweets
  • Vicks, Zambuk, lip ice or a similar product
  • a magazine or book
  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • a gift item for spoiling the recipient – for example, hand cream or another cosmetic item.

Gift boxes and items for children

We’re collecting boxes and individual items for:

  • 200 children in Diepsloot and Hillbrow (ages 3 to 6 years)
  • 100 children at Abraham Kriel Bambanani (ages 7 to 17 years)
  • seriously ill children at Marang House in Northcliff (ages 4 to 14 years).

If you’d like to put together one or more gift boxes for children, it’s a good idea to contact our Randburg branch manager, Danielle, on 076 593 3626 for age and gender details.

Each box for a child must contain the following items (although you’re welcome to donate individual items too):

  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • soap
  • face cloth
  • an outfit of clothing
  • educational supplies/stationery
  • a small toy or appropriate gift in the case of an older child.

Gift boxes and items for animals in shelters

We’re collecting boxes and items for 4 Paws in Diepsloot, Claw and PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships). Alternatively, you can specify an animal sanctuary you’d like to support.

Each box for an animal shelter must include:

  • dog or cat food
  • biscuits/animal treats
  • collar or lead/tick and flea protector
  • a blanket
  • an appropriate gift.

Gift boxes and items for women

We’re collecting items for women in distress at the Frida Hartley Shelter, including women’s clothing, shoes and jewellery, and suitable and gift items.

Why a gift box drive?

This year’s gift box drive is fuelled by the passion of our Randburg branch manager, Danielle Houseman. Inspired by her grandmother, who passed away in 2011, she began her own project, collecting items and assembling boxes to donate to those in need. For Christmas in 2017, she managed to collect and distribute 3,000 boxes!

Now we’d like to make it easy for everyone to come together and donate items, by offering our branches as drop-off centres.

What better way to celebrate the coming festive season than by giving to others.

Contact us to find out more