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A Collection of Our Best Articles for Entrepreneurs

A Collection of Our Best Articles for Entrepreneurs
November 26, 2019 gnuworld
Best Articles for Entrepreneurs

For a number of years, The Workspace has involved experts in publishing articles for entrepreneurs and small businesses. These tackle a wide range of topics – from starting and marketing a business to managing money, impressing clients and more.

It may be useful to have a set of resources in one place. So we’ve put together a collection of some of our best articles for entrepreneurs.

Getting started as a small business or freelancer

For entrepreneurs who are just getting started, we recommend these articles:

  • Starting a Business in South Africa: a simply written guide to starting a company in South Africa, from choosing a business structure and registering the company to signing up for unemployment insurance.
  • 9 Useful Online Resources for South African Entrepreneurs: a round-up of useful digital resources for entrepreneurs, with links to SARS, the CIPC and small business funding agencies, as well as SA-specific resources for entrepreneurs (like The SME Toolkit) and some suggested software tools and platforms.

Funding for entrepreneurs

For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, one of the greatest challenges is finding funding.

Business basics for entrepreneurs

Below we offer links to resources on a range of small business basics, from planning to money management and tax tips.

Business analysis and planning

A business plan can guide your growth and may help you secure funding. The results of competitor analysis can feed into the business strategy you develop.

Business operations

Articles on a range of topics for streamlining a small business and ensuring operations run smoothly:

Small business recruitment

An entrepreneur whose business grows is likely to need help. That means bringing in new people, whether full-time or on a contract basis.

Impressing clients and managing customers as a small business

Some tips for meeting and impressing clients, and satisfying customers:

Money management for entrepreneurs

Managing money is at the heart of any business. No matter what a company does, issues like budgeting, cost cutting, making sense of financial statements

If you work as a freelancer or contractor, also consider our article, Setting Freelance Rates in South Africa: A Straightforward Guide.

Tax tips for entrepreneurs and freelancers

Along with having to manage money, all businesses and self-employed individuals are faced with having to keep and submit proper tax records.

Entrepreneur marketing

Internet marketing and social platforms are giving small businesses a better chance than ever before of competing with big business.

Here we cover some low-cost marketing ideas for entrepreneurs:

We also explain how to get a Google My Business listing (vital for online marketing) if you operate from a managed work environment such as The Workspace:

For interest: how work is changing (and where entrepreneurs fit in)

Radical shifts are occurring in the world of work. The internet, the gig economy, automation and artificial intelligence are reshaping the ways work is done.

Often, entrepreneurs are positioned to respond to change faster than large, firmly established companies. With no equivalent of the Titanic to turn, they can capitalise on new technologies and trends, and introduce new solutions.

Motivation for entrepreneurs

Running a business isn’t easy! Be inspired by success stories from other entrepreneurs, across Africa and in our own country.

What The Workspace offers

Best Articles for Entrepreneurs

The Workspace provides affordable, fully serviced offices and coworking at branches across Gauteng and in KwaZulu-Natal.

The following articles provide a bit more information about what we offer:

Keep an eye on our blog for more useful articles for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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