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Coworking Holidays: Yes or No?

Coworking Holidays: Yes or No?
October 16, 2018 gnuworld
coworking holidays

With automation on the rise and digital tools streamlining our work like never before, you’d think that we’d all be working less. But with more convenience comes more pressure for projects to be finished quickly.

Freelancers and small business owners, in particular, can attest to this. It’s common to work on weekends, evenings and even holidays to meet deadlines and balance the demands of multiple clients.

With rising work pressures and traditional relaxation time getting gobbled up by work, it’s no wonder that working holidays are increasingly popular. Along with the internet, coworking facilities around the world have made it easy for people to work while in new and even exotic locations.

But are coworking holidays a good idea, or do they just lead to burnout further down the line? We consider some of the pros and cons.


There are numerous advantages to coworking holidays, or working while travelling. Here are a few worth noting.

There are lots of gorgeous coworking facilities around the world

Due to their increased popularity, shared offices and coworking spaces have been popping up all around the world. You can find coworking facilities everywhere from Morocco to Timbuktu to the Maldives. Coworking space is even offered on boats, beaches and boulders.

Coworking specials may include discounted accommodation

Some coworking facilities have onsite accommodation and offer holiday packages, which include the use of the facility, a place to sleep, internet access and sometimes even food. This can often work out cheaper than trying to find your own accommodation while on holiday.

Longer holidays become possible

Because you’re still working, you can stay at your holiday destination much longer than if you have only a few days off. Some people go on coworking holidays for months at a time, living and working in exotic locations with other coworking travellers.

Coworking can be ideal for freelancers

Every freelancer knows that weekends and public holidays aren’t guaranteed. Coworking holidays may be an ideal way for freelancers to take some time away from home and see new places, without “dropping out of sight” altogether for their clients.

Coworking overseas can help you build an international network

Networking has always been one of the key benefits of coworking, which involves sharing office space and infrastructure with other independent professionals and small businesses. This can lead to mutually beneficial business relationships and information sharing. If you’re looking to build a network of international connections, a coworking holiday can be a great place to start. It’s likely you’ll meet and work alongside people from all over the world.


With the good comes the bad. Coworking holidays have a number of potential down sides.

You don’t get to switch off

Because you’re essentially still at work, you can’t completely switch off and might find you don’t really get a proper holiday. One way to counteract this is to work only half days, or to try and limit the amount of work you do while on holiday – for example, dealing only with the most crucial tasks until you return home.

Some facilities are very expensive

Some of the more exclusive facilities can be very expensive. However, this will depend on the kind of experience you’re looking for, as well as which part of the world you’re in. Coworking in New York or Japan is bound to be more expensive than coworking in Southeast Asia, for example. With so many coworking spaces available worldwide, there’s usually a good choice of options, from luxury to more affordable coworking spaces.

You might not be very productive

Trying to work when you know there’s a gorgeous beach just outside or a new city to explore can be challenging. You probably won’t be as productive as when you’re working in your regular environment so it’s best to take a coworking holiday when you don’t have a ton of urgent deadlines to meet.

Coworking at the Workspace

The Workspace doesn’t currently offer coworking holiday packages. However, we do offer top-notch coworking at affordable rates. Our coworking space is available at locations across Gauteng, as well as in Pietermaritzburg and Ballito – always popular as a South African seaside holiday destination.

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