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Flexible Workspace for Companies: Ideal as Backup Office Space

Flexible Workspace for Companies: Ideal as Backup Office Space
October 7, 2020 gnuworld
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Increasingly, flexible workspace is proving its value to large companies and corporations. Along with the many other advantages it offers, it’s ideal as backup office space.

Flexible workspace enables:

  • easier implementation of social distancing, with access to more floor space when it’s needed
  • business continuity if premises are hit by a disaster, such as fire or flooding
  • on-demand access to office space near meeting locations so staff can easily prepare for and host meetings or training sessions
  • accommodation of new teams at short notice
  • provision of office space close to team members’ homes to cut commutes.

Why flexible workspace is ideal as backup office space


These scenarios show when flexible workspace is ideal as backup office space.

But why is flexible workspace ideal?

Here are a few of the benefits flexible workspace offers small to medium businesses.

Health and safety protocols in place

Stringent health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 screening, are implemented at all of The Workspace facilities.

Protocols include access control, social distancing and sanitisation.

Agility through flexible lease terms

Flexible workspace enables businesses to be agile with their workspace requirements.

You can vary the space you need in conjunction with, for example, a new project.

Instead of signing up for a long lease, your business can join The Workspace on flexible terms.

Choose from a three, six or 12-month agreement.

Mitigate risk of the unexpected

None of us can foresee the unexpected, but flexible workspace allows your business to mitigate the risk of a disaster hitting your premises.

If and when the unexpected happens, flexible workspace is available and your business can continue to operate.

Our serviced offices give your team members everything they need to keep your business running.

Walk in, knowing everything is set up and ready to use.

Flexible workspace saves time and money

With a serviced office or coworking space, you don’t have to worry about finding, setting up or maintaining business premises and infrastructure.

This can mean huge time and cost savings.

Simply move in and focus on your business.


A turnkey solution

At The Workspace, our offices and coworking spaces are stylishly decorated and furnished – and ready for business from day one.

We offer fully serviced, furnished offices in a range of sizes, from single-person offices to offices suitable for teams, as well as coworking spaces.

Members have access to shared business infrastructure, equipment and services.

Reduced overheads

Flexible workspace enables businesses to save on office running costs.

Everything employees need is included as part of the flexible office workspace agreement.

Fast internet and phone lines already set up

Flexible workspace offers IT infrastructure with fibre internet, phone lines and access to business equipment like printers.

You simply connect and start working.

Existing reception service for call management

All branches of The Workspace have an onsite manager and full reception team that is part of the flexible workspace agreement.

There’s an attractive reception area, facilities for making coffee and tea, and cleaning services are already in place.

Meeting rooms

Your business has use of meeting rooms and a boardroom with video conferencing facilities.

Encourages innovation

Our facilities allow all your employees and team members to work in a collaborative environment with startups, freelancers and other companies.

This exposes them to creative exchanges of ideas, cross-pollination and encourages innovation and business opportunities.

Increases visibility

Working from a flexible workspace can increase the visibility of your business.

It creates networking opportunities and can lead to meeting new team members, customers and collaborators.

Breakout facilities

At The Workspace, we like to offer our members space for down time.

Many of our branches offer on-site cafés and outdoor relaxation areas – and there’s parking too.

The Workspace


At The Workspace, we offer flexible workspace for companies that’s ideal as backup office space.

We offer affordable, fully serviced offices and coworking, and all our members have access to meeting rooms, boardrooms and a range of business services.

For more information or to book a tour of one of our branches, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact us online.

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