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Get Fit with The Workspace: 20% Discount on Planet Fitness Gym Membership

Get Fit with The Workspace: 20% Discount on Planet Fitness Gym Membership
March 12, 2019 gnuworld
Planet Fitness

The Workspace and Planet Fitness have teamed up to offer members special discounted rates.

Discount on gym membership with The Workspace

All members of The Workspace qualify for a 20% discount on standard club rates at Planet Fitness gyms. They also qualify for a special rate if they choose a Platinum club membership.

If you’re already a member of The Workspace, simply ask your branch manager for a voucher you can use to claim your discount*.

Discount on office space

office space

Likewise, all Planet Fitness members can enjoy a discount* on office space at any branch of The Workspace.

*Terms and condition apply. Contact us and a branch manager will be delighted to provide more details.

Why exercise is so important for office workers

exercise for office workers

Excessive sitting, common to most office workers, can be harmful to your health.

The average office worker is now sitting up to 15 hours each day. This can easily lead to weight gain.

An office worker burns up to 1000 fewer calories than an agricultural worker who only sits about 3 hours a day. It can also put strain on your musculoskeletal system, especially your neck, shoulders and back.

Conversely, regular exercise can make you better at your job. It can improve your energy levels, which has a positive effect on productivity.

Including a workout as part of your workday can also benefit cognitive functions leading to improved concentration, memory, creativity and mental stamina.

Healthy work-life balance with The Workspace

Healthy work-life balance

Many or even most of us struggle to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and it’s no wonder.

Just some of the factors that tend to discourage South Africans from getting enough exercise during the work week include:

  • lack of time, with high competition for available work
  • digital communication that’s always “on”
  • fear of crime if exercising outdoors
  • high costs and financial stresses.

At The Workspace, we strive to support our members by offering business facilities and services, as well as networking and social events.

With this partnership, we hope to take our approach one step further by supporting members’ physical health and well-being. Let’s make the rest of the year one of health and happiness, not just on weekends but during the work week too!

For more information about discounts on Planet Fitness gym membership or on office space at any branch of The Workspace, call us on 087 059 7777 or contact us online.

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