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How Flexible Workspace Can Help Companies Attract Talent

How Flexible Workspace Can Help Companies Attract Talent
November 16, 2021 gnuworld
flexible workspace attracts top talent

Increasingly, flexible workspace can help companies attract and retain talent.

This is because modern workers want flexibility and better work-life balance.

With the pandemic, a lot of people have proved that they can be productive when working remotely. They’ve also experienced work minus long daily commutes and a rigid 9-to-5 work day.

With flexible workspace, companies can offer staff access to a professional work environment – just when (and for however long) they need it.

Recent surveys about attitudes to full-time office work

Worldwide, surveys confirm that most workers don’t want to return to a 9 to 5 office environment.

People have enjoyed the flexibility that comes with remote working. A significant percentage also report being more productive when working from home.

A new survey by accounting firm PwC found that only one in 10 people who have been working remotely during the pandemic are willing to return full-time to a traditional commute-to-work lifestyle.

Of the respondents, 72% said they would prefer a mix of in-person and remote working. Only 9% said they would like to go back to their traditional work environments full time.

Similarly, a survey by the Harvard Business School showed that 81% of respondents would prefer a hybrid schedule, with a mixture of remote and office-based work.

Global talent shortages

This desire by so many workers not to return a traditional 9-to-5 office job is one of the driving factors behind global talent shortages in 2021. Worldwide, unemployment remains high but vacancies have shot up in some areas.

In the United States, job vacancies are up 33% since 2019.

In Australia, this figure is a whopping 54%.

Here in South Africa, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 34.4%, among the highest in the world. Many of the jobs that are available still require long commutes, which is difficult for many people.

The pandemic played a big role in these changes, but so have people’s changing attitudes to how they work.

Job flexibility is increasingly attractive to top talent. Companies that don’t offer it are at a disadvantage when recruiting.

How flexible workspace can help companies recruit and retain talent

Flexible workspaces utilise alternative office-space options, such as coworking, hot desking and serviced offices, to create a work environment that gives employees more flexibility and autonomy. Here are some of the ways flexible workspace can help your business.

Flexible workspace as part of a hybrid model

A hybrid model allows employees to divide their time between the office and home. They get the best of both worlds.

However, if a company’s employees are working from home 50% or more of the time, running a full-time office may no longer makes sense. This is where flexible workspaces are an option. They allow a company to cut down on office space and costs.

Employees use coworking spaces or hot desks. A business can run a smaller office because it doesn’t need a dedicated desk for each employee.

Use of flexible meeting space

The location that a person works can be flexible but meeting spaces have certain requirements, notably privacy. Flexible workspaces have rooms and boardrooms that can be booked for important meetings with staff or clients.

Even if some staff members work remotely permanently, they can attend an office meeting, training session or performance review. Staff who need to meet clients can also book the space, even if they work from home or remotely.

This is cheaper for a company because it’s not paying for a meeting space that’s often empty.

Shared workspace as talent pools

One of the main benefits of shared workspaces and coworking is the opportunity for networking. This has always been one of the main drawcards of this type of work model.

It’s becoming even more attractive for companies that need to find and retain top talent. Networking with companies in a shared work environment gives access to a new talent pool.

Flexible workspace in South Africa at The Workspace

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