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How to Get New Business: 10 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Small Business

How to Get New Business: 10 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Small Business
May 12, 2021 gnuworld
how to get new business

Getting new business and generating leads is vital for any small business. As PR guru Simon Rayner-Langmead once wrote in an article in the Guardian, success involves more than just “…flinging press coverage, blog posts and social media updates at anyone who will listen, in the hope of raising awareness and increasing sales”.

Generally, it’s not about shouting louder to be heard. It’s about finding the right people – those with the need, authority and budget to buy what you’re offering – and figuring out how best to communicate what you can do for them.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of converting an ordinary consumer into a prospective customer.

It involves generating interest in your company’s brand, products or services through the use of creative marketing strategies.

How to generate leads for a small business

The rapid digitisation of the marketplace means the traditional ways of piquing the interest of potential customers are not as effective as they used to be.

What’s required is a multi-pronged marketing approach – one that harnesses the power of digital platforms, and retains the proven efficacy of networking and maximised brand visibility.

Here are 10 ways to generate leads for your fledgling business enterprise.

1. Synergise with like businesses

Forming informal partnerships with complementary businesses is a good way to widen your target market.

A reciprocal arrangement, where the businesses market each other, is an easy way to expand the reach of your brand – at no cost.

2. Create compelling video content

Visual content is eye-catching and impactful. It’s the future of lead generation.

When a product demo or how-to guide is posted on a platform like YouTube, it has the potential to reach the widest global audience imaginable.

3. Use social media hashtags… strategically

Clever, keyword-driven social media hashtags are a great way to connect with potential clients and similar businesses. Hashtags must be trendy, on point and relevant to your business or industry.

4. Know which sites your target market frequents

Understanding the target market is key to success. This includes where they hang out on social media and which websites they frequent regularly.

With that information, it’s easier to create a marketing campaign focussed on specific sites, publications and physical locations.

5. Join professional networking groups

Strategic face-to-face networking is a critical component of lead generation. It provides opportunities to connect with prospective customers and business-oriented referral sources.

Although networking has largely been pared down to Zoom meetings, it remains central to building enduring relationships.

6. Take the refer-a-friend approach

It costs very little to incentivise existing clients to widen your customer base.

By offering special discounts and deals in the “buy one, get one free” mould, you can offset the losses with the buying power of new customers.

7. Build a review marketing strategy

Positive customer testimonials and reviews are powerful marketing tools.

When you integrate a free review plug-in into the company website, and link external reviews to the homepage, the only investment required is your time.

8. Launch optimised landing pages

Customised landing pages provide a targeted and engaging marketing experience.

Provided the web pages match – and expand upon – the promotional content posted on social media sites or online video platforms, they’re highly effective at transitioning leads into potential customers.

9. Increase community visibility

By actively taking part in charity events, fun runs and civil society organisations, you can raise the profile of your business within the community it serves.

10. Promote your industry expertise

Hosting or taking part in webinars, events and panel discussions central to your business or industry allows you to promote your business acumen. It also adds credibility to your brand – both of which can be invaluable to future marketing efforts.

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