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How To Impress Clients If You Work From Home

How To Impress Clients If You Work From Home
March 16, 2020 gnuworld
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Working from home has many advantages. Unfortunately, impressing clients isn’t one of them.

Pitfalls of meeting clients in a home office

Inviting a client into your home for a meeting can appear unprofessional.

Without a designated office area, a client may feel like he or she is invading your personal space. This is worse if the environment is too homey – breakfast dishes on the kitchen table or dog hair on the furniture.

Potential distractions, like children and pets, can unintentionally derail a meeting, making the client feel awkward.

Here’s how to impress clients if you work from home.

1. Make your home office client-friendly

Separate your office from the rest of your home. Ideally, use a dedicated room with a separate entrance.

Keep pets out of your office and warn other occupants that you must not be disturbed.

Make the space comfortable and professional with a desk, table and chairs.

Set up a small beverage station so you can offer your client tea, coffee or water.

2. Handle meetings professionally

No matter where you meet a client, making a good impression goes beyond the location.

Follow these tips to make sure your meetings are professional and productive.

Be punctual

Always arrive on time if you’re meeting offsite. At your home office, be ready to begin when the client arrives.

Do your research

Make sure you’re well informed about the topics your client may want to discuss.

Dress professionally

Be groomed and neatly dressed. This is particularly important when meeting a client at home.

Create an agenda

Before the meeting, discuss the talking points via email and prepare an agenda to keep the meeting on track.

Prepare relevant materials

Have printouts, presentations, price lists, pamphlets and business cards ready to hand out.

Watch your body language

Don’t fidget with pens and turn off your phone. Avoid negative postures like crossed arms or leaning backwards.

3. Consider meeting in a coffee shop

Many people who work from home choose to meet clients in a coffee shop. While a client may like this approach, coffee shops come with their own pros and cons.


Coffee shops and restaurants are neutral spaces. This removes the awkwardness that can come with meeting in a home.

Some clients enjoy the opportunity to get out of the office and meet in a relaxed setting.


Coffee shops can be noisy and distracting. A client may find the setting unprofessional.

If you don’t have a professional meeting space, a client may question the legitimacy of your business.

4. Rent a meeting room

The ideal place for freelancers and remote workers to meet clients is in professional meeting rooms.

Private meeting rooms offer a neutral office environment. They may also be equipped with everything you need, from air conditioning to water coolers, whiteboards and projectors.

Meeting room rental offers flexibility. You can rent a meeting room only for the time you need it. You can also choose a room that’s a suitable size, depending on your needs and the number of clients you’ll be meeting.

Meeting rooms and boardrooms for rent at The Workspace

To impress clients if you work from home, meet them at a branch of The Workspace.

We offer professional, fully equipped boardrooms at all of our branches. They’re available for rent, hourly or at a half- or full-day rate.

Boardrooms are ideal for meeting with a group of clients, conducting a training session or simply making a “high-powered” impression.

Smaller, private meeting rooms, furnished with table and chairs, are also available.

Members of The Workspace can use meeting rooms free of charge, on a first-come, first-served booking basis. Non-members are welcome to rent meeting rooms for the time required.

Along with ideal meeting spaces, each branch of The Workspace provides:

  • a friendly reception service; your visitors are greeted and directed to meetings
  • attractive, professional décor and open seating areas
  • high-speed internet
  • free coffee and tea
  • printing, copying and courier services, at reasonable fees
  • secure parking.

To find out more about our rates or to book a meeting room or boardroom, get in touch or contact your nearest branch directly.

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