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Inspiring Talk By Johan Ackermann

Inspiring Talk By Johan Ackermann
July 31, 2017 gnuworld

This month, Johan Ackermann spoke to members of The Workspace and InteSpace about team building and motivation. The topic was being “How to build a winning team”.

Johan spoke with so much passion, telling us about the challenges he had to face as a coach, and the challenges that the Emirates Lions team faced. He spoke about how they got through it by creating a team culture based on family and passion.

A big lesson for everyone is that you aren’t bigger than the guy next to you.

Together, the team members worked on determining its core values. They decided on five values – in order, unity, perseverance, faith, pride and work rate.

The driving force behind this was “PRIDE” – Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence.

With perseverance and determination, Johan and his dedicated team players managed to build a winning team.

We thank Johan for giving up his time and for giving us such an inspiring talk.