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Leading the Way: Business Assistance for Entrepreneurs at our Jo’burg CBD Branch

Leading the Way: Business Assistance for Entrepreneurs at our Jo’burg CBD Branch
March 9, 2018 gnuworld
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Our new branch in the heart of Johannesburg’s CBD is offering entrepreneurs and small businesses an innovative combination of affordable office space and on-site business services and support.

Like all our branches, the Selby, Johannesburg branch offers comfortable serviced offices and coworking, along with a full reception service, high-speed internet, access to fully equipped meeting rooms and an on-site courier service. It also offers convenient, on-site storage units.

In addition, all members of the branch have access to MiWay’s MiBusinessAssist services.

What is MiBusinessAssist?

MiBusinessAssist is a business support initiative developed to help small businesses access the business expertise and resources they need, save time and reduce unnecessary operational costs.

Like all the facilities and services we offer at The Workspace, MiBusinessAssist is designed to help give SMEs and entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on what they do best.

Save time and money, and access expert services without having to leave your workplace.

What business support can branch members access?

MiBusinessAssist offers members a number of potentially valuable services.

Administrative assistance

MiBusinessAssist can help entrepreneurs and small business owners by managing their day-to-day administrative duties, leaving them to concentrate on more strategic business decisions and functions.

Procurement support service

Large companies and corporations have more buying power, and that tends to mean they get goods at much cheaper rates than smaller businesses and startups.

With MiBusinessAssist’s procurement support service, members can tap into valuable supply chains and get commonly needed business supplies, from office furniture to stationery, at reasonable prices.

Compliance assistance and advice

When you’re already run off your feet with tasks that are core to making a success of a small business, it’s not easy to stay abreast of regulatory requirements – or to figure out or implement steps for ensuring your business complies with all aspects of the law.

MiBusinessAssist is offering compliance assistance and advice that can help small businesses avoid unforeseen legal issues and prevent backlogs.

Human resources (HR) services

MiBusinessAssist includes an HR service that can take care of staff matters and disputes, helping relieve small business owners from employee management functions – which tend to be time-consuming and can be emotionally draining.

Contact us online or call 087 059 7777 for more information about our Selby, Johannesburg branch and the services it offers, or to arrange a tour of the facilities.

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