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Managed Workspace: Benefits for South African Employers

Managed Workspace: Benefits for South African Employers
July 19, 2022 gnuworld
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Especially in the current context of adapting to new hybrid work models and changing employee expectations, using managed workspace can have a number of benefits for South African employers.

What is managed workspace?

Managed workspace is a type of flexible office space that removes a lot of the responsibility and cost obligations from tenants.

A managed workspace usually has many services and amenities in place, so businesses save on setup costs.

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There is also usually a flexible approach to office rental, with month-to-month contracts or the ability to rent space by the day or week.

Businesses with hybrid work models that employ remote workers and don’t want a permanent office space can use managed workspace to create a professional work environment without restrictive contracts and high expenses.

Benefits of managed workspace for companies

Managed workspaces used to be dominated by freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Nowadays, they suit the post-pandemic work environment perfectly.

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Increasingly, workers expect flexible work arrangements. Managed workspaces are the perfect office space option to keep everyone happy.

Much greater agility

Managed workspace gives businesses access to fully equipped workspaces and offices on demand. Many facilities allow space to be booked as needed, sometimes online.

This type of office space allows you to find workspace in the branch that’s closest to each team and individual, cutting down on commuting.

Cost savings and better cost control

With managed workspace, businesses eliminate the cost of setting up an office from scratch. Overall, rentals are lower and don’t have hidden costs, such as extra fees for parking or cleaning services.

You can also eliminate the cost of renting office equipment, such as printers, as well as set-up costs for services like phonelines and the internet.

Better employee recruitment and retention

Flexible work environments are becoming a big draw card for employees. As more companies introduce hybrid work models, the more potential employees will demand them.

With managed workspace, a business can meet expectations and improve employee retention by offering a better work-life balance and reducing commutes.

Access to a more diverse skilled workforce

Offering a hybrid work environment that can include people living outside urban areas gives a business access to a larger pool of skilled employees.

People who have chosen to semi-grate, disabled people, carers for the elderly or those with young children benefit greatly from an employer that doesn’t offer a typical office environment.

Innovation and business networking

Managed workspaces, coworking environments and serviced offices have always been hubs for networking, collaboration and inspiration.

Working in these spaces gives employees exposure to a wide range of sectors and services from other businesses.

These can directly benefit your business through collaboration. Some of these workers could form part of your team eventually.

What we offer at The Workspace

The Workspace offers professional, beautifully furnished managed workspace in Gauteng. Our branches combine coworking spaces with fully and semi-serviced private offices to cover every business’ needs.

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Our branches have fully equipped boardrooms and meeting rooms that can be hired by the hour, half day or full day by members and non-members.

To learn more about our managed workspace and its potential benefits for both employers and employees, contact us on 087 059 7777 or contact your nearest branch directly via phone, email or WhatsApp.

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