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A Member’s Review That Makes Us Proud at The Workspace

A Member’s Review That Makes Us Proud at The Workspace
March 18, 2019 gnuworld

At The Workspace, we regularly receive compliments from our members.

However, it’s not often that a compliment stops us in our tracks, reinvigorates our dedication to what we do (across all our branches) and keeps us smiling for weeks to come!

That’s how a compliment we received from Albert Chanda of ETutors, a member at our Morningside Manor branch, makes us feel.

review from morningside manor

Caption: Our Morningside branch

About ETutors

ETutors offers professional, personalised tutoring services in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, and has been operating since 2009. We’re delighted to have an ETutors team at The Workspace.

Review of The Workspace from Albert Chanda, Morningside Manor

This is the message we received from Albert Chanda of ETutors in March 2019:

“This is 6:15 am; Location – The Workspace, Morningside

Running a small business is tough…On the best days, I feel like we have just barely made it through the month. On the worst of the days, I am feeling low… In these moments dreaming is impossible because all I am doing is holding on….and this if it happens too long is tough.

The past 7 days have been very different. Yeah…..funny how time moves fast, already been 7 days since we have moved in this new office.

I have been pondering on the words I can use to describe not only the service but how I have been feeling on each of the days in this office space.

Only “E” words…EXCITED , ECSTATIC , ELATED…all because of EXCELLENT uncapped SERVICE.

Before you take me in for mental evaluation or even think that I am captured by the “free stuff”, which according to Roxsan  is “uncapped”…the internet , the coffee, the service of their team…all this “uncapped”…below are some of the highlights of our ETutors team moving in.

First meeting – 7 am (1 March 2019)

Client arrived 06:45 am. Normally a tutorial session at that time the client is either trying to stay awake because of lack of sleep OR they are just in a bad mood. BUT this session was so different.

She was smiling by the time she walked into the meeting room. Besides mentioning that the reception looks great, she loved the meeting room.

She asked for the name of the lady she had met at the reception. In no time Roxsan was at it again….offering the client “can i get you anything …?”

The client noted at the end of the tutorial session…”these people here are not just smiling but they are so kind.”

Service culture (it’s more than 5 star)

In my mind I thought that this is only for the first day but this has been standard service for the past 6 days. The service is more than 5 stars….and it’s consistently so, so high.

All my clients doing MBAs have not missed even a session this week, something very rare as in the old office premises, several clients would always call me with an apology just before a session.

It’s now so clear in my mind that a good tutoring service also needs a good location, like that we are in now.

What impacts on the client is not just what I do as a tutor but also the great service from the moment they arrive at the office premises.

When I reported that the cable ports for the internet were NOT working, I was amazed at the fact that Roxsan came (didn’t know that she does IT), but she made sure that my ports were connected.

Great to know that in the quest of giving an excellent service she didn’t stop at anything to make sure that we are properly settled so that we can receive FULL SERVICE…“uncapped”.


I am also excited that I am a “member” [of The Workspace] as opposed to a “tenant”.

This is not just on paper but the way the whole Workspace team goes out of their way not just to provide for what I need, but more to make sure that our ETutors clients are well taken care of.

This place is indeed ” fully serviced”. Exceptional service to the member[s] and also the clients of the members.

As I sign off , I am just thankful to The Workspace team, for giving themselves fully to SERVICE.

Thank you for giving the small entrepreneur the chance to not just focus on their business but the opportunity to dream in the many possibilities that our future holds for us.

Thank you for making us want to jump out of bed each morning and go to work.

Keep the smiles, it’s so important not just to us, the members, but also our clients.

Member for life…”

Thank you so much to Albert Chanda and the ETutors team for taking the time to send us this beautiful compliment.

We wish the team every success in the coming months and are excited to work with you and your clients at our Morningside Manor branch.

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