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Office Space on Demand in South Africa

Office Space on Demand in South Africa
February 11, 2022 gnuworld
office space on demand in south africa coworking

Flexibility is now a key consideration for businesses and freelancers when they look for office space.

Remote working is more mainstream and hybrid work models are being adopted by even large corporations.

Businesses need more workspace options that can be sourced and booked at a moment’s notice to cater to their flexible and transient workforce.

What is office space on demand?

Office space on demand is any workspace that can be booked at any time and for any length of time usually online.

For example, a worker books a day in a shared office space because he or she knows there’s going to be a power outage the next day at home.

office space on demand in south africa coworking

Or a travelling team books a furnished and serviced office for four people for a week while they work on a project in the area.

Different types of office space on demand

Office space on demand comes in two varieties. The first is private offices that can cater for one person up to larger teams.

office space on demand in south africa private offices

The other is coworking or shared office space that is open plan, flexible and caters to different work styles. These spaces usually have a mixture of workstations, booths and comfy lounge areas.

Both options offer the following added benefits:

  • access to professional meeting rooms and boardrooms
  • high-speed Wi-Fi internet
  • access to kitchen and lounge facilities
  • daily servicing of the work area
  • on-site business services like copying and printing (at an additional cost)
  • secure parking
  • backup generators.

Advantages of booking office space online

Being able to book office space on demand has obvious advantages for freelancers, digital nomads and remote workers.

It also makes sense for new and growing businesses. Businesses that are growing rapidly, adapting or changing the way they work benefit from the flexibility of on-demand office space.

office space on demand in south africa private offices

As your business’ needs change, even if it’s on a daily basis, you can change your office space by booking space on demand with your new requirements.

How booking office space on demand works

To book office space on demand in South Africa, simply visit The Workspace’s Pay As You Grow online booking portal. Here you can book different types of office space as you need it on a flexible basis.

office space on demand in south africa coworking

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a branch. Browse to find your preferred branch and click on it.
  2. Pick your package. Select between daily or weekly coworking or office packages.
  3. Specify the date. Let us know when you’ll need the office or coworking space.
  4. Let us know for how long. Choose how many weeks or days you’d like to book for.
  5. And for how many people. Select how many people you’re booking for.
  6. Click ‘Book Now’ If you’re happy with the quoted price, click ‘Book Now’.
  7. Pay online. Pay for your booking via EFT or Payfast.

Branches that offer office space on demand in South Africa

All branches of The Workspace offer office space on demand. We have branches in Gauteng and Durban. For a full list of our locations, visit the branches page or the Pay As You Grow page.

office space on demand in south africa

If you prefer to book in person, visit any of our branches and take a tour of the facilities.

Contact us online or call us on 087 059 7777 to learn more about office space on demand in South Africa or to make a telephonic booking.

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