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Online Business Ideas in South Africa

Online Business Ideas in South Africa
July 21, 2021 gnuworld
online business ideas in south africa

Despite a huge slump in 2020, economists in South Africa are cautiously optimistic that we can expect moderate growth in 2021.

There are opportunities, especially online business ideas, for entrepreneurs to turn into lucrative business ventures. Online shops, in particular, are booming as people continue to avoid large crowds at malls.

In this article, we cover:

Growth of online business in SA

Worldwide, online shopping saw massive growth throughout 2020 as more people bought online instead of venturing to the shops.

In South Africa, the biggest online retailers have reported significant growth since the start of 2020. Takealot saw revenue increase by 28% and OneDayOnly recorded a 128% increase in sales.

Online business opportunities

If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for online business ideas, check out our list of potential startups.

Build an education platform

Education for children or adults takes many forms and online learning has never been more accessible. An education platform can offer structured courses or a simple online tutoring or training service.

Offer delivery services

Delivery services are more in demand than ever. More people want to order food and other shopping online. A delivery service can deliver items for another supplier or include shopping on behalf of your users.

Start a clothing line

Clothing may seem overdone, but consumers will always love fashion. Today there’s a higher demand for better fits, larger size ranges and more gender-neutral options. A range that caters to a specific need can set your clothing line apart from the rest.

Offer freelance services

If you have a skill, there’s a good chance you can offer it as a freelance service. Successful freelancers aren’t just designers, writers and programmers. They’re also bookkeepers, virtual assistants and consultants.

Sell your art

If you create art or designs that you want to sell, there are services that will print them on merchandise and fulfil orders for you. Websites like RedBubble let you upload your designs so customers can buy them on mugs, T-shirts, stickers, phone cases and more.

Create a niche product

This one takes a little more thought, but innovative people create niche products all the time. Spot a gap in the market and create a product that fills it. Often, these ideas come from their immediate surroundings or community.

Resell thrift items

There’s a sizable market in finding good deals at flea markets, sprucing them up and reselling them online. It takes a lot of hunting, but if you have the flair for refurbishing, you can make good money. You can try antiques, but you have to know what you’re looking for.

Start an NGO

NGOs aren’t about making big profits but about making a difference. If that’s your aim, you’ll find people nearby who can use your help. People will be more charitable if you make donating online easy.

Online business registration

Online businesses are no different to bricks-and-mortar businesses when it comes to registration, taxes and other business-related obligations. You must register your business based on how you aim to run it.

Operating your business as a sole proprietor means you operate as an individual. There’s no need to register your company name unless you want to. The only requirement is that you keep thorough records so you can declare your taxable income and comply with employment laws.

Alternatively, you can register your business as a private company (formerly CCs). A private company needs a registered name, and a board with at least one director and one incorporator (can be the same person). It has to submit an annual return or annual accounting review.

To register a private company, you’ll need to:

Affordable office space for online businesses

New businesses benefit from lower overheads. This is why coworking spaces and serviced offices make so much sense for your first base of operations.

The Workspace offers affordable coworking and private office options with numerous benefits, such as free high-speed internet.

If you need to hold inventory, many of The Workspace’s branches have self-storage units. There are also virtual office options.

About The Workspace

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