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Satellite Workspaces: A Growing Trend, in South Africa and Worldwide

Satellite Workspaces: A Growing Trend, in South Africa and Worldwide
June 14, 2022 gnuworld
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Along with adopting remote or hybrid work models, many businesses are choosing to decentralise their offices in favour of multiple satellite workspaces.

In this article, we consider:

What are satellite workspaces?

Traditionally, the term “satellite office” referred just to a branch location, or an office geographically separate from a company’s headquarters.

Now the term is evolving to mean something new.

More and more businesses are downscaling their central office space. From small businesses to much larger ones – among them Airbnb, Buffer and Go Daddy – many are opting to use a range of smaller, more flexible offices instead.

These satellite offices are closer to where employees live.

Employees may work from home some of the time – but when professional workspace is required, they can access it within reasonably short commuting distances.

In many cases, companies are recognising the benefits of serviced offices or coworking spaces that are already equipped.

They’re allowing remote employees to work from these spaces all or part of the time. Rather than signing long leases and forking out for office setup costs, they can provide workers with professional workspaces on demand.

This saves time and money. It also offers a level of flexibility that can’t be matched by traditional office space rental.

Advantages of decentralised offices

Decentralised offices have many advantages for companies and employees. Satellite offices can cut down on commute times and save on petrol and transport costs.

Employees don’t have to sit in traffic for hours, have less stress and are more productive when they get to work. They’re also more likely to stay in their job, which improves staff retention.

Multiple satellite workspaces reduces the possibility of the company losing its assets and data in the event of a disaster, such as fire or flooding. There’s also less crime outside densely populated urban centres, so theft and other crimes are less common.

Using serviced offices and coworking spaces as satellite offices gives companies access to modern workspaces without any capital expenditure.

Adding new locations as the company grows is also easy and affordable.

Factors driving office decentralisation

Office decentralisation isn’t new, but it has taken off dramatically in the last few years. There are a few reasons for this.

The pandemic

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote working. It showed companies how much they could save and improve job satisfaction. It also highlighted how internet-based tools like Zoom and Teams meant communication and collaboration didn’t have to suffer.

The “great resignation”

Many companies are seeing a spike in resignations as the pandemic winds down. Workers don’t want to go back to the office-first work models. Remote work has shown workers they can have a better quality of life without sacrificing work efficiency.

Suburban migration and semigration

More and more people want to move away from urban centres to settle in the suburbs or smaller towns without losing their jobs. With hybrid work models, both businesses and workers realise that this way of working and living can be a reality.

The role of office space in hybrid work models

With hybrid work models becoming the norm, many workspaces are changing to become centres for team collaboration and innovation.

They’re no longer places where just individuals come to get their work done.

The new work ecosystem uses a hybrid model that combines company workspaces, people’s home and “third-place” workspaces, such as coworking spaces. This is why serviced offices and coworking spaces have become more sought after in recent years.

What The Workspace offers

The Workspace offers fully-serviced and semi-serviced private offices as well as coworking spaces in Gauteng and Ballito.

satellite workspaces serviced office

With workspaces and amenities already set up, businesses can add satellite workspaces without the expense of setting up a new office.

Facilities available at The Workspace include:

  • fully private, furnished offices
  • affordable coworking
  • meeting rooms and boardrooms
  • business services such as printing and copying
  • high-speed fibre internet & landline connections
  • communal kitchen facilities
  • lounge and relaxation areas
  • secure parking.

To find out more about satellite workspaces and how our managed workspace could work for your business, please contact us online or call 087 059 7777.

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