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Self-Awareness Workshop at The Workspace

Self-Awareness Workshop at The Workspace
October 19, 2018 gnuworld
self awareness workshop

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu

This is the foundation of Sonia Dube’s coaching process with clients, and formed the foundation of the workshop she hosted on Wednesday, 10 October at our Wynberg branch of The Workspace.

Introductions and first impressions

The morning started off with attendees arriving and briefly interacting with one another. Each participant was asked to introduce themselves and to give their first thought of each person in the room when they walked in.

Their awareness muscles were being subtly awakened. As this exercise helped show, we’re constantly making evaluations and decisions about our environments and experiences but without consciously allowing them to work for us.

Defining self-awareness

Once introductions were out the way, Sonia took the group through the first session, which involved defining self-awareness. Each attendee had the opportunity to express what they believe this concept to be about. The final definition given was “the conscious and objective evaluation of oneself”.

A short video clip highlighted the fact that our perceptions of problems in our lives – and our abilities to solve those problems – are informed by our personal self-awareness. Better self-awareness leads to clearer, more objective perceptions. In turn, these allow for healthier solutions.

The TEA exercise

In a second session, the group engaged in an exercise designed to encourage greater self-awareness. Known by the acronym TEA, the exercise involves:

  • taking inventory of an issue, focusing on actual facts
  • evaluating one’s thoughts, feelings and responses and the desired outcome
  • acting positively to obtain the desired outcome.

Members of the group were able to share their personal struggles and understanding of how to become more self-aware in overcoming these.

Each participant left with new insights. Among these were:

  • the importance of acknowledging issues and problems (life is all about solving problems)
  • writing out your thought processes offers clarity
  • tapping into other people’s insights can help you better understand yourself and your issues
  • greater self-awareness can help you can obtain the results you desire in your life
  • self-awareness is a journey rather than an event.

Thanks to Sonia Dube and all members who participated for a successful workshop.

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