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The Coworking Revolution and Our Chadwick Branch

The Coworking Revolution and Our Chadwick Branch
February 9, 2016 gnuworld

Coworking involves sharing a work environment with others who are either self-employed or employed by different organisations. This isn’t a new idea. However, it’s one that’s suddenly taking off worldwide.

coworking shared office space chadwick
Coworking space at our innovative new Chadwick branch in Wynberg

Why coworking?

There are some good reasons for the growing popularity of coworking. More and more people are working for themselves, as contractors, freelancers or small business owners.

At the same time, the function of physical offices is changing. Increasingly, the internet, companies’ digital platforms and e-mail are the workplace.

Rather than serving as the main places where “real work” gets done, physical offices are evolving into places where people get together and share ideas, make use of shared equipment and meet clients. Real work might happen at the office – but it’s just as likely to happen at home, at a local café or while people are on the move.

Coworking spaces tie in perfectly with these trends.

Ideally, a coworking environment includes a mix of common spaces and private work spaces. So people can set up and work in their own spaces, benefit from the cost advantages of sharing real estate and office facilities and easily meet and interact with others.

Our Chadwick branch: leading the way in South Africa

In South Africa, the concept of coworking is catching on, and the new The Workspace branch in Wynberg, Sandton is helping lead the way.

xtraspace office space coworking chadwick

At the branch, our One Chadwick coworking Space offers professionals and small businesses a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the traditional office model.

Pay for a certain number of hours in a month and you’ll have access to state-of-the-art business facilities, services and comfortable spaces for running your business, all in a prime business location.


So what can you expect to find in the One Chadwick coworking Space?

There’s an excellent mix of open-plan meeting and relaxation areas, along with private work or meeting booths, which are equipped with top-of-the-range screens and laptop connections.

You can expect high-speed internet and good coffee, along with snacks and light meals from an on-site coffee shop.

coworking area

If you choose, you can make use of The Workspace’s full reception service, and we’ll answer all your business calls using your company’s name.

You’ll also have access to any of three professionally appointed meeting rooms; a boardroom equipped with video conferencing facilities and a projector; and an atrium complete with catering facilities, for training, conferencing or events.


Our Chadwick branch also features 50 fully furnished and serviced offices (ranging from comfortable one-person offices to large team offices), 250 secure, dedicated self-storage units and, like all our branches, on-site logistical and courier services.


The best news?

Use of the state-of-the art One Chadwick coworking Space starts at only R950 a month – and you don’t sign a lease.

Even better? To promote its innovative coworking environment, The Workspace is offering new customers a special – get your first month of rental at The Workspace Chadwick absolutely free when signing a minimum lease of three months, and you’ll also enjoy full access to the One Chadwick coworking facilities. The offer is valid until July 2016.

For more information, contact us or call the Chadwick branch directly at 011-052-1800.

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