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Tips for Surviving the Post-Holiday Blues

Tips for Surviving the Post-Holiday Blues
January 10, 2018 gnuworld
tips post holiday blues

You’re a small business owner, freelancer or dedicated entrepreneur, who’s just got back from a fabulous four-week vacation in Mauritius. Sun, sea, G&T, and a feast of exotic foods.

You’ve recharged those batteries and are now ready to hit the New Year running. Or are you?

The three ‘Ds’

It’s only natural that when employees return to work, many experience post-holiday blues. After a relaxing break they often suffer a heavy dose of the dreaded three ‘Ds’ – they feel dull, depressed and demotivated.

Statistics reveal that nearly 60% of people feel deflated in some way when they return to work after a holiday, in comparison to just over 30%, who feel happy and motivated.

21% of people experience melancholy, even depression, before they’ve even sat down and switched on their computer.

Around 15% of people are so uptight and stressed (even after a break) that it feels as if they haven’t been on holiday. Figures also reveal that 12% suffer anxiety when trying to get back into the daily grind.

Getting over the hump

It might take a little effort to fight off the blues. Here are seven ideas that might help you get over the back-to-work hump.

  1. Spend a few hours on the internet and plan, or even book, another holiday or short break to look forward to.
  2. Introduce some new, fun work ideas that will help you feel more positive and productive.
  3. Set clear and purposeful goals for the coming twelve months that are appealing, interesting and motivational.
  4. Maybe treat yourself to an extravagant gift – something that will help blow away the blues.
  5. Face the reality of being back at work and do your best to adjust. The sooner you accept that the holiday is over and encourage yourself to get into the right mindset the better.
  6. Spend some time selecting a handful of your favourite holiday pics. Print these out and decorate your desk, the wall in front of your computer with them, even use them as background images for your phone or desktop. They’re a great reminder of your holiday and will act as a positive trigger to get you back into work mode.
  7. Instead of facing a dreary, blank January calendar, plan some fun weekend activities. A deep-sea fishing trip, a hike, a picnic, a fine-dining restaurant or even just an evening at home with a pizza, some wine and a great movie are all good options.

Try finding a new work space

If the thought of returning to your rented office premises or a lonely home office leaves you cold, consider finding a better alternative – somewhere you’ll be happy to arrive each morning.

At The Workspace, we can’t guarantee that you won’t find it tough to get down to work after the end-of-year holidays, but we do offer uniquely attractive serviced offices and coworking, ideal for small business owners, freelancers and other independent professionals.

All our members have access to meeting rooms, boardrooms and a range of on-site business services, and we’re known for our exceptionally friendly, professional reception service. Something as simple as being greeted with a smile in the mornings can make a real difference!

We also believe in helping our members forge relationships. Many of our branches feature attractive open areas and on-site coffee shops where you can socialise and collaborate with others, and our regular networking events encourage members to learn about and support one another’s businesses.

For more information or to book a tour of one of our branches, call us on 0861 250 259 or contact us online.

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