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Virtual Offices in Johannesburg: A Savvy, Low-Cost Option for Startups and Home-Based Businesses

Virtual Offices in Johannesburg: A Savvy, Low-Cost Option for Startups and Home-Based Businesses
June 10, 2019 gnuworld
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At The Workspace, we’re proud of the stylish coworking and serviced offices we provide. With the launch of our virtual offices in Johannesburg, we now offer a third, highly affordable option for small businesses and startups.

How a virtual office works

A virtual office gives a business many of the benefits of a professionally staffed office, without the costs.

For a monthly fee, you get to use a business address in a prime location and a phone number that will be answered professionally, in your company’s name.

This means your business can maintain a professional presence even if you work from home or another remote location, and if you’re not always available to answer the phone.

What if you need to meet clients?

In case you need to meet clients in person, all our branches include professionally appointed boardrooms and meeting rooms. You can rent these just for the time you need them, with bookings accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What our virtual office service includes

With a virtual office at The Workspace, you’ll receive the following office services:

Professional business address

You’ll have a physical address in a prime business area to include in your contact details, both online and in business correspondence.

Dedicated telephone line

Our professional reception service will answer calls in your company’s name and forward them to a number of your choice. They will also greet and direct clients if you opt to have on-site meetings. We’ll also forward any messages to you via email.

Voicemail retrieval

Your phone line will include voicemail so that clients can leave messages out of office hours.

Postal delivery

The post office and couriers can deliver letters and packages addressed to your business to your virtual office address. You can then fetch these from the front desk at your leisure.

Who uses virtual offices?

Virtual offices are especially suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups.

They’re also a clever option for larger businesses that want to establish a presence in multiple locations – without having to open and staff physical branches.

For example, a business based in Cape Town might opt to use our virtual offices in Johannesburg.

Owners and employees can work from home (in South Africa or even abroad) or be on the road, knowing that their business still has the benefits of a physical address and a monitored phone line during office hours.

Benefits of using a virtual office

Virtual offices can have a number of benefits for businesses:

  • Fewer office related overheads – month-to-month costs won’t include large office rentals, utilities, parking etc.
  • No setup costs – no need to cover the costs of office rental and deposits, phone line and network installation, office furniture or other office setup costs
  • Better employee satisfaction – on average, remote workers report higher job satisfaction than those who work in offices
  • Better online visibility – Google favours businesses with physical addresses and phone numbers
  • More growth flexibility – no need to rent a bigger office or buy more furniture when you hire more remote staff.

Cost of a virtual office

The Workspace offers virtual offices for R650 per month, excluding VAT.

Virtual offices in Johannesburg

All our branches in the Greater Johannesburg area offer virtual office services. This includes branches in central Johannesburg, Sandton/Wynberg, Melrose Arch, Morningside Manor, Sunninghill, Midrand and Randburg.

We also offer virtual offices at our branches in Pietermaritzburg and Ballito.

Although your business won’t operate from the premises, it makes sense to choose a branch that’s conveniently located for you. This makes it easy to fetch your business mail and, if relevant, meet with local clients.

For more information about our virtual offices, or to book a tour of the coworking and serviced offices at one of our branches, call us on 0861 250 259 or contact us online.

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