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Village Road Competition

The Workspace and MiWay Business Insurance are offering all South African entrepreneurs the chance of a lifetime – to win everything required to run a company in a prime Johannesburg business district for one full year.

Please note that entries to the competition are now closed.

If you’re an entrepreneur with an outstanding business idea, this could be the ticket you need to realise your dreams and build your company into a lasting success.

The prizes

The competition winner will win the following prizes, valued at approximately R350 000:
12 months free office space at the Selby branch of The Workspace, for up to four members of the winning business.

The members will have 24-hour access to the facility, which features a fully staffed reception area, funky modern décor, meeting rooms, round-the-clock security and basement parking.

Judging of the competition by the Workspace and MiWay will take place on 10 August 2018. The prize will be awarded at an event in Johannesburg held on 13 September 2018.


A Dell INS-17 7500 Laptop

for one member

12 months free Wi-Fi

for up to 4 members

12 months free telephone line

one line, for use by members of the winning business only

12 months free use of meeting rooms

on a booking basis

12 months nationwide access

free access to all branches of The Workspace

12 months free basement parking

for one member of the winning business

12 months free tea and coffee

at the Selby branch, for members of the winning business and visiting clients

Terms and conditions of the providers’ standard agreement applies to all the above prizes and must be abided by for the duration of the 12 months.
Prizes from

MiWay Business Insurance

The competition winners will receive 12 months free business insurance from MiWay Business Insurance, covering:

  • office contents permanently kept at the premises
  • electronic and specialised equipment kept at the premises
  • all risk cover for the Dell laptop received as part of the prize and 3 other laptops
  • all risk cover for up to 4 cell phones
  • public liability & employers liability cover for R2.5m.
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The winner will receive a web design bundle from WEB ARTIST® valued at R24 500, including:

  • 5 page responsive content management system (CMS) website
  • logo & corporate identity design
  • search engine optimization (SEO) & social media setup
  • a 1 hour training session on using the website and posting news articles
  • 12 months free hosting, including 1 GB storage, SSL Encryption and E-mails.
Prizes from

Opulentus Wealth

The winner will receive a wealth creation bundle from Opulentus Wealth to the value of R45 000, including:

  • bespoke share portfolio for the business to the value of R10 000
  • business life stage risk assessment
  • estate plan for the directors and shareholders valued at R15 000 per plan
  • advice on managing and improving business cash flow to the value of R10 000
  • tax advice to the value of R5 000.
Prizes from


Oxigen will provide the competition winner with a brand strategy bundle worth R50 000, including:

  • brand communication strategy
  • two strategic sessions with the managing director.

Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Entrepreneur Competition
This document refers to the “Applicant” (person(s) and/or business entering the Entrepreneur Competition (“the Competition”)), the “Providers” being Xtraspace Flexi Office (Pty) Ltd t/a The Workspace (“The Workspace”) and MiWay Insurance Limited (“MiWay”) and the “Winner” (the business that wins the Prize in terms of the Competition).
The Competition Criteria:
To enter the Competition sponsored by the Providers, you need to be based in South Africa and comply with the minimum criteria of the categories outlined below:
  • Company registration documentation (FICA docs)
  • Proof of bank account for the business
  • A brief business plan to give the judges an understanding of the business
  • Complete curriculum vitae of each member of the business with a short description of each member’s experience and ambitions
  • An entrepreneur who runs a business, irrespective of length of time during which it has been active. The controlling shareholders / directors will be regarded as the entrant(s) on behalf of a business. The business cannot consist of more than a total of 4 people (employers and employees)
  • An entrepreneur who has reinvented the way business is done in his/her industry
  • An entrepreneur who has been innovative in the product or service being offered to the market
  • An entrepreneur who has or is busy creating a special environment where employees can flourish, and creating more potential positions
  • An entrepreneur who makes an impression on the judges due to aspects such as the business’s social impact, attitude, positive entrepreneurial outlook and a good business mind.
  • The Applicant automatically gives the Providers permission when submitting an entry into the Competition to access personal and company information in order to verify all information given. The Providers will perform a credit check with a credit bureau to obtain financial information and credit history of the business. The Providers may at its discretion disqualify an Applicant if any adverse financial information is found.
All entries must be submitted electronically via The Workspace web page: www.theworkspace.co.za between 15 February 2018 and 15 May 2018.
Judging of the Competition by the Workspace and MiWay will take place on 10 August 2018.
Competition Prize
The Winner of the Competition will receive the following Prize (subject to the Terms and Conditions) for the period of 12 (twelve) months (commencing on 1 October 2018 and ending on 30 September 2019) and the Prize will apply to a maximum of 4 employees of the Winner only:
  • Office space at The Workspace, 21 Village Rd, Selby, Johannesburg (“the Premises”)
  • WiFi internet connection at the Premises
  • Telephone line rental for one line only at the Premises (all employees using this line must be from the Winner)
  • Tea and coffee at the Premises and clients visiting the Winner will also receive free tea and coffee
  • Usage of meeting rooms at the Premises on a booking basis
  • Access to The Workspace Community platform nationwide
  • Usage of a prime business address
  • 24-hour access to the Premises
  • 24-hour security at the Premises
  • Basement parking for one employee of the Winner at the Premises
  • A Dell Laptop INS-17 7500
Business Insurance cover paid and provided for by MiWay for:
  • Office contents permanently kept at the Premises
  • Electronic and Specialised Equipment kept at the Premises
  • All Risk cover for the Dell Laptop received as part of the prize and 3 other laptops
  • All Risk cover for up to 4 cell phones
  • Public Liability & Employers Liability cover for R2.5m
WEB ARTIST® website bundle valued at R24 524.00
  • 5 Page Responsive Content Management System (CMS) Website
  • Logo & Corporate Identity Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Setup
  • Training (1-hour long training session to understand workings of website as well as how to update
    news feed)
  • Hosting (12 free hosting with secured Sockets Layer Encryption, E-mail setup. 5GB Traffic and 1GB Storage.)
Opulentus Wealth bundle valued at R45 000
  • Bespoke share portfolio for the business (R10 000)
  • Business life stage Risk Assessment
  • Estate plan for the Directors and shareholders valued at R15 000 per plan
  • Advice on managing and improving cash flow with the business (R10 000)
  • Tax advice for the business (R5000)
Oxigen bundle valued at R50 000
  • Brand Communication Strategy
  • X2 Strategic sessions with the Managing Director
  • Official auditors adjudicating the competition results
The prize will be awarded at an event in Johannesburg held on 13 September 2018, the details of which will be transmitted to the shortlisted Applicants at least two weeks before the event.
These Terms and Conditions apply to the Applicant and the Providers and their subsidiaries and affiliated companies. By participating in the Competition, the Applicant agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:
      • Applicants under the age of 18 must have obtained approval from their parent(s) or guardian, in writing, to participate in the Competition and the proof must be included in the entry submitted to the Providers.
      • Excluded from participation in the Competition are employees and relatives of the Providers (including their shareholders, subsidiaries and affiliated companies) and cohabiting partners or family members of the aforementioned employees, as well as any suppliers in respect of the Competition (including advertising agencies, advertisers, sponsors and/or producers).
      • The Applicants are obliged to provide accurate, current and complete information when participating in the Competition. The Providers may request the Winner, before awarding the Prize, to provide proof of identity and residence information, previously provided by the Applicant.
      • The decision of the Providers is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding results and the awarding of the Prize.
      • The Prize is personal and is registered in the name of the Winner. The Prize is not transferable, exchangeable or payable in cash or other products or services. In case of refusal or non-acceptance of the Prize or conditions that are inherent to the Competition, the Prize will be forfeited. In that case, the Providers are entitled, at their sole discretion, to choose another Winner.
      • The Prize is awarded in its current state. The Providers are not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the components of the Prize nor for any damage during the delivery of any of the components of the Prize.
      • The handling of the delivery of the Prize will be arranged by the Providers, advertiser/sponsor or another appointed third party. In the case where a third party is appointed by the Providers, the Providers will not be responsible for the delivery of the Prize. In that case, the date of delivery of the Prize will be determined in consultation with the supplier of the Prize.
      • The Providers shall not be held liable if the Prize is not collected or received by the Winner, or an authorised representative of the Winner.
      • For a service delivery component of the Prize, the Winner will do all that is required to give effect to the Prize, including signing all relevant agreements as well as any rules and will abide by the Providers’ terms and conditions. The Winner will, in respect of the insurance component of the Prize, accept and adhere to the following:
        • MiWay’s standard policy terms, conditions and excesses will apply. This will be clearly communicated with the Winner before the commencement of insurance cover.
        • The Winner will only qualify for the Prize if MiWay deems the Winner an acceptable risk based on MiWay’s own policies and procedures and at the sole discretion of MiWay.
        • The Winner is not obliged to take up the free insurance, nor is the Winner obliged to remain a client of MiWay during the 12-month period or for any period thereafter.
      • The Prize consists of services and hardware and there can be no claim in any form for compensation if the Winner is disqualified, does not meet the minimum requirements of the Competition or chooses not to accept the Prize.
      • The representative of the Winner must be in possession of a valid Green bar-coded ID book / SA Smart ID card to receive the Prize. The Prize will be forfeited if the Winner fails this condition.
      • The Winner, or a representative of the Winner, must claim the Prize upon announcement of the Winner and must be present at the event where the Winner will be announced. If the Winner is not present at the event, the Prize will be forfeited. Transport to the event will be for the Winner’s own account.
      • The Applicant automatically gives the Providers permission when submitting an entry into the Competition to access personal and company information to verify all information given and to conduct credit checks on the business. The Providers may add the personal information to their database, which personal information will be treated in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 and any amendments thereto.
      • The Winner of the Prize gives the Providers permission to use, free of charge, the Winner’s name and logo and photos of the employees and/or shareholders accepting the Prize in promotional activities relating to the Competition and in relation to the announcement of the Winner through all media, including radio, television and the internet.
      • At the request of the Providers, the Winner of the Prize will cooperate in promotional activities of the Providers to the extent that can be reasonably expected of them, including publicity regarding the announcements of the Winner across all media including radio, television and the internet. For cooperating with these promotional activities no financial compensation will be paid.
      • The Winner gives permission to the Providers to keep it and its representatives informed of the products and/or services of the Providers, its partners (including sponsors, manufacturers and advertisers) and carefully selected companies.
      • Use of the Prize is at the sole risk of the Winner.
      • The Providers are in no way responsible for any damages arising from participation in the Competition or for any technical malfunctions, failures or delays with respect to participation in the Competition or the selection of the Winner and thereafter.
      • The Providers are in no way responsible for any problems or defects arising from the use of The Workspace’s website and/or downloading any components whatsoever in relation to the Competition.
      • The Providers are, at their sole discretion, entitled to disqualify Applicants if they believe that the Applicants are not acting in conformity with the Terms and Conditions or if the Applicants are otherwise fraudulently accessing the Competition or unfairly influencing the course of the Competition.
      • The Providers are entitled to, at their discretion and without notice, change or modify the Terms and Conditions for the duration of the Competition and without giving a reason discontinue, modify or adapt the Competition for reasons of their own without any obligation to compensate any damages to the Applicants. Any changes or adaptations to the Competition or the Terms and Conditions will be made public in an appropriate manner (e.g. via the Workspace’s website).
If one or more of these Terms and Conditions are void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions of the Competition.
You can download a copy of the Terms and Conditions here.

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