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Village Road Competition

The Workspace and MiWay Business Insurance are offering all South African entrepreneurs the chance of a lifetime – to win everything required to run a company in a prime Johannesburg business district for one full year.

For an entrepreneur with an outstanding business idea, this could be the ticket you need to realise your dreams and build your company into a lasting success.

The prizes

The competition winner will win the following prizes, valued at approximately R230 000:
12 months free office space at the Selby branch of The Workspace, for up to four members of the winning business.

The members will have 24-hour access to the facility, which features a fully staffed reception area, funky modern décor, meeting rooms, round-the-clock security and basement parking.


A Dell INS-17 7500 Laptop

for one member

12 months free Wi-Fi

for up to 4 members

12 months free telephone line

one line, for use by members of the winning business only

12 months free use of meeting rooms

on a booking basis

12 months nationwide access

free access to all branches of The Workspace

12 months free basement parking

for one member of the winning business

12 months free tea and coffee

at the Selby branch, for members of the winning business and visiting clients

Terms and conditions of the providers’ standard agreement applies to all the above prizes and must be abided by for the duration of the 12 months.

Prizes from MiWay Business Insurance

The competition winners will receive 12 months free business insurance from MiWay Business Insurance, covering:

  • office contents permanently kept at the premises
  • electronic and specialised equipment kept at the premises
  • all risk cover for the Dell laptop received as part of the prize and 3 other laptops
  • all risk cover for up to 4 cell phones
  • public liability & employers liability cover for R2.5m.

Entry requirements

The competition is open to any entrepreneur based in South Africa who’s currently running a business that consists of up to four people, including the employer and employees. The controlling shareholders or directors will be regarded as the entrant(s).

To enter the competition, you’ll need to provide:

  • green bar-coded ID or SA Smart ID card
  • company registration documentation (FICA documents)
  • proof of bank account for the business
  • a full business plan, with samples if applicable when supplying goods
  • a complete curriculum vitae (CV) of each member of the business, each with a short description of the member’s experience, ambitions and personality.

Note that the winner must sign the providers’ standard agreement and terms and conditions together with the building rules, and must abide by all for the duration of the 12 months.

Are you offering a truly innovative product or service? Does your business have a positive social impact, and are you creating an environment where employees can flourish? These are among the attributes that the competition judges will consider.

Terms & Conditions

This document refers to the “Applicant” (person(s) and/or business entering the Entrepreneur Competition (“the Competition”)), the “Providers” being Xtraspace Flexi Office (Pty) Ltd t/a The Workspace (“The Workspace”) and MiWay Insurance Limited (“MiWay”) and the “Winner” (the business that wins the Prize in terms of the Competition).
The Competition Criteria:
To enter the Competition sponsored by the Providers, you need to be based in South Africa and comply with the minimum criteria of the categories outlined below:
  • Company registration documentation (FICA docs)
  • Proof of bank account for the business
  • A brief business plan to give the judges an understanding of the business
  • Complete curriculum vitae of each member of the business with a short description of each member’s experience and ambitions
  • An entrepreneur who runs a business, irrespective of length of time during which it has been active. The controlling shareholders / directors will be regarded as the entrant(s) on behalf of a business. The business cannot consist of more than a total of 4 people (employers and employees)
  • An entrepreneur who has reinvented the way business is done in his/her industry
  • An entrepreneur who has been innovative in the product or service being offered to the market
  • An entrepreneur who has or is busy creating a special environment where employees can flourish, and creating more potential positions
  • An entrepreneur who makes an impression on the judges due to aspects such as the business’s social impact, attitude, positive entrepreneurial outlook and a good business mind .
  • The Applicant automatically gives the Providers permission when submitting an entry into the Competition to access personal and company information in order to verify all information given . The Providers will perform a credit check with a credit bureau to obtain financial information and credit history of the business. The Providers may at its discretion disqualify an Applicant if any adverse financial information is found.


The Winner of  the Competition will receive the following Prize (subject to the Terms and Conditions) for the period of 12 (twelve) months (commencing on 1 October 2018 and ending on 30 September 2019) and the Prize will apply to a maximum of 4 employees of the Winner only:
  1. Office space at The Workspace, 21 Village Rd, Selby, Johannesburg (“the Premises”)
  2. WiFi internet connection at the Premises
  3. Telephone line rental for one line only at the Premises (all employees using this line must be from the Winner)
  4. Tea and coffee at the Premises and clients visiting the Winner will also receive free tea and coffee
  5. Usage of meeting rooms at the Premises on a booking basis
  6. Access to The Workspace Community platform nationwide
  7. Usage of a prime business address
  8. 24-hour access to the Premises
  9. 24-hour security at the Premises
  10. Basement parking for one employee of the Winner at the Premises
  11. ADellLaptopINS-177500
  12.  Business Insurance cover paid and provided for by MiWay for:
    • Office contents permanently kept at the Premises
    • Electronic and Specialised Equipment kept at the Premises
    • All Risk cover for the Dell Laptop received as part of the prize and 3 other laptops
    • All Risk cover for up to 4 cell phones
    • Public Liability & Employers Liability cover for R2.5m
The prize will be awarded at an event in Johannesburg, the details of which will be transmitted to the shortlisted Applicants at least two weeks before the event.
Any questions, complaints or comments about the competitions can be made in writing. Send them to events@theworkspace.co.za. Please always include the name of the competition. The Provider will answer as soon as possible. You can download a printable copy of the full terms and conditions here.


Enter to win this once in a lifetime prize now!

Instead of entering online, you may drop off your entry at The Workspace, 1 Chadwick Avenue, Wynberg, Sandton, Johannesburg. Ensure your entry is clearly marked “Entrepreneur Competition, The Workspace together with MiWay Insurance”.

Have questions?

Competition entrants and media personnel can contact events@theworkspace.co.za for more information about the competition.

I have read and agree to the Competition terms & conditions.