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Corporate Coworking:
Flexible Office Space for Large Companies

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Corporate Coworking: Flexible Office Space for Large Companies

Increasingly, large companies are leveraging the benefits of managed workspace, in South Africa and globally.

Greater agility and flexibility. Lower overheads. Happier, more innovative staff. These are some of the reasons to consider corporate coworking and other flexible office arrangements.

What The Workspace offers larger companies


Serviced offices and coworking

Large companies can book furnished office space at any of our locations, quickly and easily – and terms are flexible.

All branches of The Workspace offer private, furnished serviced offices, with agreements ranging from just three months to a year.

They also offer affordable corporate coworking, on a monthly “pay as you go” basis.

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    Advantages of flexible office space for corporates

    Everything employees need is already set up, from fibre internet and meeting rooms to a professional reception service, kitchen facilities, 24-hour building security, parking and more. Facilities are accessible for wheelchair users.

    Quickly accommodate teams

    Quickly establish office space for a team in any of our locations, without having to open a new branch. Floor layouts can be easily reconfigured to meet needs. (Ts & Cs apply)

    COVID-19 compliant

    Stringent health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 screening, access control, social distancing and sanitisation, are implemented at all our facilities.

    Meet employee needs

    Allow employees who live near our branches to cut commuting time, while still ensuring they work from professional, properly equipped premises.
    (Ts & Cs apply)

    Reduce overheads

    Save on office running costs with everything employees need included as part of a flexible office space agreement.

    Encourage innovation

    Having your employees work in a collaborative environment exposes them to fresh ideas and encourages innovation.

    Be prepared with backup offices

    Use our flexible office space as backup office locations, to ensure continuity of operations in the event of a disaster.

    For more information or to discuss your company’s flexible office space needs, call us on 087 059 7777or contact us online.