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The Workspace: Festive Season Charity Drive 2019

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Most of us look forward to the festive season. It’s a time to relax with our families and friends while enjoying great food and the summer sun.

Sadly, it’s a difficult time for people who are destitute, sick, abused or poor. It’s also a time when pets are traumatised as they dart away from fireworks or are left abandoned by heartless owners.

In partnership with XtraSpace SelfStorage, SpaceBox and EcoBox, The Workspace is doing something to help. In the communities where we operate, we’ve identified charities that look after women, children and the aged, and we’ve found animal welfare groups that take in abused and neglected animals.

We’ve asked them what they need that they can’t afford. Now, we are starting to fill boxes with these goods.

They need us and we need you

This is where you come in. Without you, there will be just a handful of boxes to deliver. In line with The Workspace’s business approach, we are aiming high.

Our target is 8 000 boxes by Friday 6 December 2019, when the boxes will be delivered.

We are calling on our members, staff and partners to ramp up this effort and deepen our impact. You can support a shelter for women, an old age home, a children’s home/ hospital ward, an animal shelter or a soup kitchen .

All you have to do is:

  • Decide which charity to support
  • Fill up a box (or gift bag)
  • Label it with your name, contact number, a list of items in the box and your preferred charity
  • Leave it in the reception at your branch or drop it off at a branch of The Workspace or an XtraSpace branch near you.

Items that our charities need most can be found here.

Campaign origins

The initiative is inspired by The Workspace’s Blackheath branch manager, Danielle Houseman. Saddened by the plight of the less fortunate during the festive season, Danielle set about packing boxes with basic items and distributing them to those in need.

The initiative has grown to support 20 charities, and this year, we need you to make it bigger and better.

We are running this campaign with Kindness like Confetti and in partnership with XtraSpace SelfStorage, SpaceBox and EcoBox.